Insurance · 27 June 2022

Healthy Habits To Keep You Productive

healthy habits

We’re already halfway through a hectic year and burnout is a constant risk when running your own business. You might find yourself becoming distracted, over-tired, or irritable, all symptoms of being burned out and all feelings that could get in the way of your effectively leading your team.

We spoke to three entrepreneurs about the healthy habits you can start to follow to mitigate stress and set yourself up with a productive but manageable work day.

Edward Goodchild, CEO and co-founder at secure identity platform Arbor Steel, says: “There’s something of an expectation for founders to be always on and operating at 100mph with batteries that don’t run out. But the fact of the matter is, trying to embody that stereotypical entrepreneurial image is counter-productive and can be taxing on physical and mental health. My advice is to take some time out for yourself, whether that’s a family outing, a long walk, watching a film or otherwise – something that will allow you to recharge and recover your thoughts for better business outcomes and more productivity. The other recommendation is to help others with their challenges, somewhere you’re not the primary focus, as this can help offer a moment of clarity with the added benefit of supporting peers. Sitting back and taking stock can often be a great way to keep productivity on track.”



Sarah Barber, CEO at startup investment firm Jenson Funding Partners, says: “We’ve always operated remotely as a business, but it’s been interesting to see the impact that working from home has had on our portfolio companies and prospects. With less of a cut-off point in terms of removing yourself from the workplace, it’s even easier for founders and their staff to stay locked in at all hours, so it’s imperative that regular calls, updates, and breaks are taken in the same way they would from the office. Getting away from the screen and your desk to reset and get some fresh air, especially at this time of the year with the sun shining, will result in better engagement upon returning to work. Even if you’ve adopted a hybrid working model, feeling like you’re operating in isolation on non-office days can be avoided with collaborative tools like Microsoft Planner, which can outline projects and tasks, while co-ordinating KPIs and group targets. Staff will also feel more productive and satisfied if they feel like their hard work is being rewarded too, which goes just beyond a payday – so taking time out for fun through team social events, whether online or in-person, is also key.”