Insurance · 26 July 2016

Eight health and wellbeing apps to support your workforce

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An array of fitness apps make it easier than ever for workers to take control of their health
Monitoring the health habits of your employees would be a huge undertaking. But the latest apps can help people take matters into their own hands and improve their wellbeing.

A healthy workforce is more motivated, committed and productive, so it makes sense for businesses to think about their employees? wellbeing and how they can support them.

Today, an array of fitness apps makes it easier than ever for people to take control of their health. Weve rated eight of the best to recommend to your employees. Many are free, others involve a subscription or download fee. Think about whether you could offer this as a staff benefit.


The positive effects of mindfulness in the workspace have been recognised by many multinational companies, including Apple and Google. This meditation app offers daily sessions of varying length and packages that focus on health, relationships and more.

(2)?Focus Keeper

?Based on a popular time management technique, this app is designed to boost health and concentration, and reduce stress. It encourages frequent breaks by segmenting your working day into 25-minute sections.


This easy-to-use app reminds people to drink water to avoid dehydration and its effects, such as lack of concentration, headaches and irritability.


A useful organisational tool, Evernote files notes, websites, images and to-do lists in one place, and makes them accessible wherever you are. As well as boosting productivity, it’s a good way to organise your thoughts and reduce stress.


This intuitive sleep cycle monitor and alarm records sleep patterns so you can keep track of your night-time habits. The alarm is designed to wake you up during your lightest sleep phase so you start the day as refreshed as possible.


This innovative app is for tracking and recording your state of mind so you can better understand the things that have an impact on your mood. It helps users develop self-awareness and offers daily tips on lifting your spirits.



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