HR · 20 November 2018

Revealed: The UK cities where workers are most likely to hate their jobs

Shoppers queue outside a fancy dress shop ahead of Halloween in Sheffield, Yorkshire
Sheffield has many things going for it, from the many great tunes of Pulp and the Human League to football clubs with a long and proud history in United and Wednesday.

However, according to a new survey, it is also the city in the UK where workers are most likely to hate their jobs.

The CV-Library research discovered that 56.7% of workers in Sheffield dislike their current job, just above the 51.6% in Liverpool, 50% in Brighton and 48% in Bristol.

Making up the top 10 were Southampton, Newcastle, Nottingham, Manchester, Bournemouth and Edinburgh.

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Over a third 39.7% of Brits confessed to disliking their current job, with two thirds so disgruntled that they think about quitting every day.

The UK cities where workers are most likely to hate their jobs

  1. Sheffield 56.7%
  2. Liverpool 51.6%
  3. Brighton 50%
  4. Bristol 48%
  5. Southampton 47.1%
  6. Newcastle 44.4%
  7. Nottingham 42.9%
  8. Manchester – 41.9%
  9. Bournemouth 41%
  10. Edinburgh 40.6%
The survey revealed that the main reason workers felt so unhappy in their current roles was that they felt undervalued. Other reasons included not being in the role they want, working at a company with a poor culture, being underpaid and being bored at work.