HR 17 August 2016

Why hiring apprentices can be a win-win for startups

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Apprentices can offer startups unbiased opinions and an untapped level of enthusiasm
We often hear about the value of apprenticeships, both for companies that choose to offer them and employees who participate, with the government incentivising apprenticeship schemes and many mid-sized businesses jumping on board.

However, small companies investing in apprenticeships are fewer and further between many startup owners probably feel they don’t have the resources to bring apprentices into their business.

While these concerns are certainly understandable, it doesnt necessarily mean they’re right. There are a lot of great reasons to bring apprentices into your company sooner rather than later.

Common Ground

Apprentices and startups both have a lot in common: each are looking to sink your teeth into a new challenge, build new skills and learn new things along the way.

So, if as a startup, you think you don’t have a whole lot to offer apprentices you bring on board, you’re almost certainly wrong. You may be on a learning curve, but watching you struggle with and overcome challenges is going to be more valuable than simply watching an experienced business ticking along as it always has.

Creative Energy

The creative energy startups often bring to challenges is what makes excellent learning experiences for apprentices. Similarly, apprentices will bring a lot of creative energy of their own into the business and they can offer you a much-needed fresh pair of eyes, looking at your company as a relative outsider.

Therefore, if your startup is hitting a bit of a creative wall with a particular assignment, apprentices may be able to approach it in a new way and help you find a solution. While this is a worthwhile asset for any company, it is especially helpful in startups, where creative thinking is very much a life force.

Boost Your Business

The government’s recognition of the importance of apprenticeships has led them to offer some excellent grants to those businesses that choose to offer young people the opportunity to develop. Grants offer better support to your apprentices and your company, allowing you to invest in skills training.

Untrained Doesnt Mean Unskilled

We sometimes hear that startup owners arent keen to take on apprentices because they think theyll get more out of workers who are already trained in the job. While it can be true that you can save time by hiring people who already have the necessary certification or relevant experience, you should also consider that a lack of training doesnt mean people don’t have skills to do the job.


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