HR · 17 November 2015

Tesco’s first Christmas light untangler job sees over 100 applications

Enough to extinguish most people's Christmas spirit
Enough to extinguish most people’s Christmas spirit

As the lead-up to the festive period is in full swing, it appears many are already showing Christmas spirit, with a Tesco job advert for a “Christmas light untangler” getting over 100 applications within a week.

The role is to form part of Tesco’s first Christmas light untangling service in one of its Wrexham stores, and the retailer said the successful individual would need to be “enthusiastic” and able to untangle three metres of Christmas lights in under three minutes.

While there was no detail on the advert as to whether these skills would be tested come interview, a Tesco spokesman said he was looking forward to the next stage “and seeing the potential light untanglers in action”.

Competition for the spot already looked like a tough decision, with the spokesman noting “we’ve spotted lots of strong contenders already”.

Grinches need not apply, as the ideal candidate has to be passionate about Christmas, as well as being approachable and patient – a prerequisite given the untangler will be working on the ever-frustrating task of separating numerous batches of lights everyday.

Customers will be able to visit the store in question to receive help with particularly pesky Christmas lights, and the successful light untangler will be on hand – fully knowledgeable about the service.

The untangler could help realise ambitions of getting your house to look like this
The untangler could help realise ambitions of getting your house to look like this

Wrexham was picked after research found people there were most frustrated with the annual time-draining chore.

The Tesco spokesman added: “We’re delighted by the number of applications we’ve received for the new light untangler job role, with more than 100 to date.”

The new position will pay at least £7.02 per hour, a comparable rate to the store’s other customer assistants, and the free service will be available on a first come first served basis.

It’ll be busy work for the successful untangler, with a typical day involving unpicking around 60 sets of lights, Tesco said.

When the job was launched, a Tesco spokeswoman explained: “To help locals enjoy the festive season and relieve some of the stresses often associated with the Yuletide season – specifically, tangled tree lights – Tesco has launched a search for someone who can conquer one of the most frustrating jobs come Christmas time.”

They’ll be on hand to show that “Every Little Helps” for customers struggling with their tricky Christmas lights, working full-time in the lead-up to Christmas.

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