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Recruitment agencies and how they can help job seekers and employers

Bryan Brown | 6 October 2021 | 3 years ago

The Top 6 Recruitment Agencies UK

There are a number of factors that can help you to find the perfect job or the right employee. A good CV, relevant work experience and excellent interview techniques will all go a long way towards a job candidate securing the perfect position. 

But what if there was another way? What if job seekers could get some professional assistance to help them along their career path and employers could get the assistance to help them find the right employees?

Recruitment agencies have long been a key part of the job-seeking process. They offer a range of services, from helping people find the right position to offering invaluable advice like how to stand out and get a promotion at a company. 

In this article we will look at how recruitment agencies work, how to choose the right one, and give our top six recruitment firms in the UK. Hopefully this article will give you the information you need when it comes time to looking for employment or new employees.

What is a recruitment agency?

If you are unemployed or in need of work, it’s not always easy to find good positions. It often seems that you only come across the right vacancy just as it has been filled. If you are struggling, you may want to consider getting professional help. 

Equally, if you are an employer looking to fill a position, it isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes you can be wading through one CV after another and still not find anyone suitable for the role. Valuable time can also be wasted on interviews with candidates who are just not right for the position.

A recruitment agency is a business which helps to bridge the gap between someone seeking employment and a potential employer who has vacancies that need filling. Agencies can also offer guidance on how best to approach the job search, what kind of information those seeking a job should include on their CV, and where it would be most beneficial for people to apply. 

Recruitment agencies will usually advertise jobs with a list of skill sets, required experience and qualifications, and the other attributes that each potential employer is looking for. They will also help to match resumes with any positions for which people are a suitable, qualified candidate. 

Recruitment agencies represent both the company looking to hire, and jobseeker, so it is in the agencies’ best interests to ensure they bring the right people together. This will keep everyone happy and help to fill every available position with the right candidate.

How job seekers can find the right recruitment agency 

For those looking for a recruitment agency to help with their job search, it’s important to find the right fit. 

Job seekers should start by making a list of qualities and attributes which are most important to them in a recruitment agency. For example, if they have children or other responsibilities that mean they don’t have much time to physically go into the agency, then perhaps an online service or one that offers remote consultations would be best suited to them. Similarly, if only interested in local jobs because they don’t want a long commute, then they should try to find an agency with strong ties to businesses and employers in their local area. 

Once they have finished this list, they should research different recruitment agencies and find which ones can best deliver what they need. There is nothing stopping job seekers from signing up to multiple agencies to increase their chances of finding the right role.

New job

Our top six UK recruitment agencies:

1. Acorn Recruitment 

Acorn is a global recruitment agency that has been offering their services for over 20 years. Their head office is based in Maidenhead but they also have branch offices across the UK and Ireland, as well as in international locations in North America, South Africa, Dubai and Hong Kong. They specialize in permanent positions with opportunities to work across many different sectors including IT & Technology, Healthcare & Medical Staffing, Education and Training, Business Support and Sales & Marketing Jobs. 

Their remit covers all levels of staff from entry level roles through to senior management positions so whatever your experience or career aims, Acorn will be able to find a job opportunity that suits you. They pride themselves on matching people to the right role and helping with every stage of the process from application through to interview.

Acorn is one of three recruitment agencies that have been awarded ‘Recruitment Agency of the Year’ by The Recruiter magazine consecutively for twelve years running. 

You can visit their website at for more information, or follow them on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with Acorn’s latest news!

2. Ambition 

Ambition is a multi award-winning recruitment agency in the heart of Manchester. They offer an unrivalled service and have been recognized with numerous awards such as Best Recruitment Agency North West, Fast Track 100, Maserati Top 50, and many others. Their services include permanent positions with opportunities in Hospitality & Catering, Front & Back office Staff, Retail, and Office Support. They also have a strong focus on Accountancy and Financial Services, Banking & Insurance.

Ambition’s ambition (sorry about that!) is to fulfil all their clients’ career needs, and so they provide a personalised service to every candidate. They support their clients through the whole process of finding a new job including CV writing and interview preparation.

The agency has over 100 years of experience in the recruitment and job placement industry and operates across Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire. You can visit Ambition’s website at:

You can also contact the agency by email at this address: info@ or call 020 7404 4004 (Monday – Friday 08:00–17:00) to speak with their team directly about the roles they have available and how they could help you find your next job! 

3. Interserve 

Interserve is a world leader in engineering, construction and facilities management. They have been providing recruitment services for over fifty years and Interserve is now one of the most highly regarded and well-established agencies in the UK. They offer a range of recruitment services from permanent to temporary employees across many industry sectors including engineering, catering, health care and logistics. Interserve even provides career opportunities with training on site using their leading edge apprenticeship program.

The Interserve website has an online chat service, which is very helpful as their staff can answer questions about their services, potential employers, job opportunities, and individual applications.

You can contact Interserve and browse their available jobs via their website at

4. Hays 

Hays is a global recruitment agency that has been operating for over forty years. They have offices across many countries including the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Australia. Hays is a leading recruitment agency for permanent and temporary staffing. They help to fill vacancies in accounting, IT, engineering, sales and many other business sectors. Hays also specialises in placing contract staff into work across their offices worldwide. Among their many services, Hays is known for their diversity, as they provide services for both business and recruitment. They have a large digital presence with over 500 active jobs on their website at any one time. 

In 2016 Hays was named as one of The Sunday Times’ Best Big Companies to work for and they were also listed amongst The Top 50 Places To Work In IT. They have been awarded a top ten ranking from both LinkedIn & Glassdoor’s “Top Recruitment Agencies” list for several consecutive years. This shows the consistently excellent service that Hays provides for both job seekers and businesses. 

Hays is based in London with their head office in Victoria. This office alone has over 400 employees and Hays always advertises positions at the company on its own website.

You can contact Hays via their website at

5. Randstad 

Randstad is another fantastic recruitment agency that you should consider if need help in your career. It is a truly global recruitment agency that has been helping people find great jobs since 1966. They have over 40,000 employees in more than their countries around the world while their main headquarters are in Amsterdam, Randstad is a major player in the UK recruitment market. Randstad helps place millions of people into new jobs every year at top companies all over the world including Apple, Uber, Coca Cola and Mercedes Benz. 

Randstad works with both full time and part time job seekers according to their own personal needs. Their website includes information about the type of recruitment jobs they have available, while their careers page can help undecided people to choose a career path. They also have some interesting articles on their blog about everything from the future of employment to the benefits of an MBA, which may be able to help you on your job hunt.

You can find the Randstad website at

6. C&M Recruitment  

C&M Recruitment is in Wilmslow , Cheshire. They have been established for over 25 years and are a member of the REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation). It is a top recruitment agency which specialises in placing candidates into the UK finance sector. They pride themselves on their strong track record of finding great opportunities for people across all levels and backgrounds, so whether you’re looking to start your career, or to take it to another level, C&M Recruitment can help place you at one the hundreds of companies they represent. They also work with senior professionals who want to take their career in a different direction. Whether you’re looking for an internship, a junior role or an executive position, C&M Recruitment has opportunities across all industries and experience levels.

You can get in touch with C&M via their website at 

How do recruitment agencies get paid?

One of the most common questions that people have about recruitment agencies is how do they get paid. Many people think that a fee is charged to the person seeking work but this is usually not the case. Normally, when a business hires an individual through a recruitment agency, the agency will charge that business a fee, not the individual who is looking for work. There are some cases where this fee may then be split with the new employee which means that both parties have invested time and money in finding each other. It is important to know when signing up for a recruitment agency as a job seeker or an employer with vacancies, exactly how the fees work. 

Some major companies who constantly have vacancies and new positions opening up pay their preferred agency on retainer. This is where the agency charges the company at set periods throughout the year and ensures they are always available if a position needs filling. 

What are the benefits of working with a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies provide various benefits for both companies with vacancies, and individuals seeking work. A recruitment agency can help to match a person up with the perfect job and really change their life. We all want to be happy in our work, and so working in a company or industry that is satisfying is a huge plus. 

In terms of businesses, there are many companies, who don’t always know how best to go about finding staff, so by working with an agency they don’t have to worry about making any common hiring mistakes. An experienced recruitment team will be able to choose from all the people on their books who are looking for work, and put together a shortlist of the most suitable candidates. This makes it easier for businesses because there isn’t any time wasted sifting through hundreds of applications and CVs from people who are not qualified or experienced enough for the job. 

Helping to save companies time in this way also means they will be able to quickly fill vacancies which can reduce the costs of lost working hours. In addition, reputable recruitment agencies will guarantee that all job applications have been checked for education or previous employment history, so there is no risk of hiring someone who has made false claims on their CV.

Interview success

Final thoughts

Looking for a new job or new employees scan be incredibly taxing, and there are so many job seekers and vacancies which would be an ideal match but sadly never find each other. Recruitment agencies can increase your chances of getting a job or finding the right employees. Make sure you check out some of the UK recruitment agencies in our top six, and they may be able to help you find a job or employee that perfectly suits.  


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