HR · 29 October 2015

Meet the professor who says his new interview technique could save small businesses millions

First impressions aren't always what they seem
First impressions aren’t always what they seem
Providing guidance to small firms unsure on recruiting, Ormerod had six pieces of advice to share.

Professor Ormerod’s top interviewing tips:

(1) Doubt your own judgement and don’t judge a book by its cover

Being guided by first impressions often leads people to making bad appointments. Appearances and disposition can be very misleading and detract from true evaluation of a candidate’s attributes and skills.

(2) Plan before you interview

You need to work out what each member of an interview panel needs to achieve by the end of the interview and how to get to that point. This involves working out how the qualities that the candidate expresses in their CV and cover letter will be evaluated through questioning.

(3) Put the interviewee at ease

Think of things you can ask at the beginning of an interview that anyone can answer easily and without feeling under pressure. Remember, the nervous wreck sitting in front of you could well be the star you’re looking for, but you won’t find out until they’ve calmed down. Be nice.

(4) Ask open questions

It’s very easy to ask a stream of closed questions, or even leading ones, when it’s important to get the candidate to do most of the talking. Focus on asking questions that will provide you with information open questions starting with tell, explain? and describe.



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