HR · 6 February 2018

Job application rates soar in ten key UK cities

Jobseekers increased in number across all UK regions
Job application rates soared in January 2018, with an 83.6 per cent nationwide increase from the end of 2017, new findings have shown

The figures, published by job site CV-Library, arrived after several months of stagnation in application rates and suggest a shift in outlook among ambitious UK professionals.

Meanwhile, further data has suggested jobseekers have been met with growing job opportunities, as employers posted vacancies at a 59 per cent increase in the same period. However, advertised salaries fell by 0.9 per cent between December and January.

Commenting on the findings, CV-Library founder Lee Biggins said it was “not surprising” to see application rates drop off at a time of record employment, with workers seeking stability from their employer at a time of economic uncertainty.

“But while the end of the year is traditionally a quieter time for recruitment, our Q4 job market report revealed that businesses were still working hard to attract talented candidates last quarter. This determination has clearly paid off and candidates have come back in full force this January, with application rates seeing staggering increases across the UK.”

With an 83.6 per cent average registered, some of Britain’s largest cities far exceeded the national average.

  1. Manchester 92 per cent growth in applications
  2. Birmingham 90.4 per cent growth in applications
  3. Edinburgh 90.2 per cent growth in applications
  4. Southampton 85.9 per cent growth in applications
  5. Bristol 83.7 per cent growth in applications
  6. Brighton – 82.3 per cent growth in applications
  7. Sheffield 80.6 per cent growth in applications
  8. Nottingham 80.1 per cent growth in applications
  9. Portsmouth 78.3 per cent growth in applications
  10. London 77.2 per cent growth in applications


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