HR · 13 December 2019

How to boost your hiring efforts in 2020

Hiring 2020

What are your resolutions for 2020? A new year means a clean slate; maybe you want to learn a new skill or pick up a productive hobby? Or maybe you’re keen on finally pushing forward with your hiring efforts and recruiting some top-quality candidates.

Businesses are always evolving and changing. The same can be said for candidates and their demands and needs. Now that 2019 is firmly in your rear-view mirror, you can start focusing on 2020 and understand how you can stand out from the competition to attract the best talent.

But how can you make the most of your hiring efforts? Are there any tips, tricks or trends to keep an eye out for? Below, we give our advice on how to boost your hiring efforts in 2020.

Become an employer of choice

Hiring 2020
Job seekers are always on the hunt for enticing work perks.
Today’s candidates want to work for companies that truly value their employees and reward them for their hard work. But unfortunately, becoming an employer of choice doesnt happen overnight. It takes time and effort; and is incredibly worth it in the long run.The first step is to establish your unique selling points. Maybe your competitors arent offering flexible or remote working?

While this may not be possible across all industries and businesses, if it’s a perk you provide, then you should definitely flaunt it. In a candidate-driven market, you need to be reactive to job hunters? needs. While pay is a huge selling point, you can also attract more candidates to your jobs by offering perks that will complement their work-life balance. After all, this is becoming a growing necessity for employees.

Alongside this, it’s important to prioritise your company culture. In 2020, candidates are beginning to care more about the environment and the actual company they’re working for, rather than the job they’re doing. They will want to fit into a friendly, passionate and supportive environment. So make this your top priority!

Encourage referrals

Hiring 2020
Referrals could be the missing key to finding the best candidate.
When it comes to boosting your hiring efforts in 2020, your best assets are right in front of you; so use your existing employees to your advantage.

Encouraging referrals is cost-effective and makes business sense. After all, they will know better than anyone about the company culture, what the expectations are and what the working environment is like.

What’s more, theyll ideally recommend like-minded people who will fit well in the company just like the current employee. Not only is this a great tactic for building staff loyalty, but it’s also a great inexpensive recruiting technique.

Encourage employee referrals by incentivising them. It doesnt have to be a lot, maybe a free lunch or a 250 bonus once theyve passed their probation. Either way, this will have cost you a lot less than your initial recruitment process!

Prepare for the digital takeover

hiring 2020
Digital skills are vital in the workplace.
As the digital age swipes over us, it’s time for businesses to get in tune. More and more candidates are finding different ways to expand their job search, so the pressure is on for companies to expand into these areas too.

Social media is a great tool and more companies should be jumping on the bandwagon. By optimising hashtags, such as sales jobs or recruitment jobs, on LinkedIn and Twitter, you will put your job adverts in front of more people.



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