HR · 17 January 2020

Why businesses should be excited about Gen Z

This new year, millions of small businesses will be looking to find ways to make sure that they flourish and hit new heights in 2020. One of the best ways to ensure that any business goes from strength to strength is to focus on hiring talented individuals who help you reach and exceed your goals.

It goes without saying that good recruitment is the backbone of any good business and 2020 brings a chance for Britain’s microbusinesses to future proof themselves – by hiring the best and brightest of Gen Z.

They are digital natives

Generation Z has digital skills ingrained within them that can be vital for the growth of businesses as the digital sphere expands. They are also aware of what does and doesn’t work on social media platforms and how to maximise a company’s online presence.

They are the most entrepreneurial generation yet

Gen Z

Universities offer students a wealth of opportunities to develop themselves outside of the academic spectrum, opportunities that include joining societies, volunteering for the union or representing the university through sport, music or debating; alongside the larger step of starting a business or enterprise.

Britain’s small businesses can take advantage of the entrepreneurial talents that these opportunities develop, including creativity, drive and self-discipline.  Scape identifies the importance of these skills in future business opportunities and aims to encourage students to develop their entrepreneurial talents through its Future Shapers Startup Lab events.

These events are open to all Scape students provides students with access to leading industry CEOs to help them learn from the very best and to help develop their talents with expert advice and guidance.

They unearth hidden skills

Gen Z

One of the most exciting aspects that hiring Gen Z graduates can bring to the UK’s small businesses is the number of transferrable skills their degrees have afforded them.

During the recruitment process, employers often focus solely on what previous work experience a candidate has.

However, it is important that employers also focus on the skills that a university degree can transfer directly to the workplace. For example, humanities students have developed critical research skills which are vital within many different careers.

Likewise, language students have a proven ability to adapt to the dynamic nature of new environments and cultures which is one of the most important skills to have in a rapidly growing and changing small business.  

It is important that small businesses should consider how the employment of Generation Z can assist in the growth of a company while ensuring the firm remains progressive and competitive.

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Georgios is considered an authority in Gen Z and Millennial marketing and has produced industry leading strategies across fashion, publishing, retail, hospitality and F&B. With a background in psychology, track record in trail-blazing millennial brands and a passion for youth marketing, his experience has made him a firm believer in the value of purposeful marketing that champions and supports younger generations.

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