Tesco underpaid workers by over 5m. What are the consequences?

Praseeda Nair | 20 January 2021 | 3 years ago

Tesco named and shamed for failing to pay minimum wage
Tesco named and shamed for failing to pay minimum wage

Government names and shames rogue employers for failing to pay minimum wage. Tesco is the top offender. Now what?

  • 139 companies, including major household names, have short-changed their employees and have been fined.
  • Offending firms failed to pay 6.7m to their workers, in a completely unacceptable breach of employment law.
  • Business Minister Paul Scully says the list should be a wake-up call? to rogue bosses, as department relaunches naming scheme after two-year pause.
Almost 140 companies, including some of the UK’s biggest household names, have been named and shamed for failing to pay their workers the minimum wage.

Investigated between 2016 and 2018, the 139 named companies failed to pay 6.7m to over 95, 000 workers in total, in a flagrant breach of employment law. The offending companies range in size from small businesses to large multinationals who employ thousands of people across the UK.

The publication of the list is intended to serve as a warning to rogue employers that the Government will take action against those who fail to pay their employees properly.

This is the first time the Government has named and shamed companies for failing to pay National Minimum Wage since 2018, following reforms to the process to ensure only the worst offenders are targeted.

paying the minimum wage is not optional, it is the law. It is never acceptable for any employer to short-change their workers, but it is especially disappointing to see huge household names who absolutely should know better on this list, “business Minister Paul Scully said.

this should serve as a wake-up call to named employers and a reminder to everyone of the importance of paying workers what they are legally entitled to.”

make no mistake, those who fail to follow minimum wage rules will be caught out and made to pay up.

One of the main causes of minimum wage breaches was low-paid employees being made to cover work costs, which would eat into their pay packet, such as paying for uniform, training or parking fees.

Also, some employers failed to raise employees? pay after they had a birthday which should have moved them into a different National Minimum Wage bracket.

Employers who pay workers less than the minimum wage have to pay back arrears of wages to the worker at current minimum wage rates. They also face hefty financial penalties of up to 200% of arrears – capped at 10, 000 per worker – which are paid to the Government.

Each of the companies named in the list below have paid back their workers, and were forced to pay financial penalties.

While not all breaches of minimum wage rules are intentional, it is the responsibility of all employers to ensure they are following the law.

In November 2020, the Government?announceda measured increase in National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage rates, which will come into effect from April 2021. Every worker is entitled to the National Minimum Wage, no matter their age or profession.

The full list of companies named for failing to pay the National Minimum Wage can be seen below:

  • Tesco stores Limited, Welwyn Hatfield AL7, failed to pay £5, 096, 946.13 to 78, 199 workers
  • Pizza Hut (U.K.) Limited, City of Edinburgh WD6, failed to pay £845, 936.41 to 10, 980 workers
  • The Lowry Hotel Limited, trading as The Lowry Hotel, Salford EC4A, failed to pay 63, 431.51 to 99 workers
  • Doherty & Gray Limited, Mid and East Antrim BT42, failed to pay £43, 470.16 to 128 workers
  • Independent Care & Support Ltd, Medway ME2, failed to pay £40, 275.17 to 55 workers
  • Amber Valley Council for Voluntary Services, trading as Amber Valley Centre for Voluntary Services, Amber Valley DE5, failed to pay £37, 346.46 to 104 workers
  • Premier Care Limited, Salford M27, failed to pay £31.198.61 to 407 workers
  • Hill Biscuits Limited, Tameside OL7, failed to pay £25, 867.06 to 247 workers
  • Sendon Garage Services Limited, Lambeth SW8, failed to pay £24, 869.52 to 2 workers
  • Natural Nails Beauty London Ltd, Haringey N15, failed to pay 15, 265.58 to 4 workers
  • Superdrug Stores PLC, Croydon CR0, failed to pay £15, 228.57 to 2222 workers
  • St Johnstone Football Club Limited (The), Peth and Kinross PH1, failed to pay 14, 266.74 to 28 workers
  • Home Grown Hotels Limited, New Forest SO43, failed to pay £13, 790.44 to 25 workers
  • Rebus Construction Ltd, Hart RH12, failed to pay £13, 379.94 to 5 workers
  • Mrs Emma Hartley, trading as Whitehall Hairdressing, Leeds, failed to pay £12, 882.14 to 2 workers
  • The Walshford Inn Limited, trading as The Bridge Hotel & Spa, Harrogate W1W, failed to pay £11, 947.23 to 26 workers
  • Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Armagh City, Banbrige and Cragiavon, failed to pay £11, 285.34 to 269 workers
  • Mller UK & Ireland Group LLP, Shropshire TF9, failed to pay £10, 702.11 to 54 workers
  • Dakota Forth Bridge Limited- Dissolved 20/03/2020, City of Edinburgh S70, failed to pay £10, 236.50 to 4 workers
  • Pinnacle PSG Limited, City of London NW1, failed to pay £10, 166.03 to 10 workers
  • Preystone Property Investments Limited, trading as Battlesteads Hotel and Restaurant, Northumberland NE48, failed to pay 9767.15 to 26 workers
  • Western Brand Poultry Products (NI) Ltd, Fermanagh and Omagh BT92. Failed to pay 9, 275 to 50 workers
  • Nahid Residential Limited, trading as Manor House Hotel, Guildford GU1, failed to pay £9, 159.53 to 5 workers
  • Norfolk Coastal Pubs Limited, trading as The Golden Fleece, North Norfolk NR23 failed to pay £8, 141.69 to 14 workers
  • Worldwide Foods (Birmingham) Limited , trading as Al-Halal Supermarket, Birmingham B10, failed to pay 8, 062.88 to 1 worker
  • Eat Food Limited, trading as Albatta Restaurant, Colchester CO1, failed to pay £7, 987.15 to 5 workers
  • G & J? Properties Limited, Bolton BL7, failed to pay 7, 858.16 to 1 worker
  • Adi’s Hand Car Wash Ltd – Dissolved 19/02/2019, Barking and Dagenham RM8, failed to pay £7, 750.84 to 2 workers
  • South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Lisburn and Castlereagh BT16, failed to pay £7, 564.66 to 193 workers
  • Discount Wallpapers Limited, trading as O’Neills Decorating Centre, Bolton WA12, failed to pay £7, 446.14 to 11 workers
  • Sturgess & Thompson Limited, Leicester LE1, failed to pay £7, 385.40 to 2 workers
  • Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Belfast BT9, failed to pay £7, 303.41 to 192 workers
  • Helio Leisure Limited, trading as Helio Fitness, Fylde FY3, failed to pay £7, 298.69 to 26 workers
  • Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Antrim and Newtownabbey, failed to pay 6, 900.72 to 146 workers
  • Hoar Cross Hall Limited, East Staffordshire OX7, failed to pay £6, 651.94 to 26 workers
  • Renard Resources Limited, Westminster WC2E, failed to pay £6, 492.95 to 484 workers
  • Imago @ Loughborough Limited , Charnwood LE11, failed to pay £6, 319.05 to 101 workers
  • Western Health and Social Care Trust, Derry City and Strabane, failed to pay £6, 170.97 to 170 workers
  • Littlemoss Preservation Limited, Tameside M43, failed to pay £5, 434.18 to 4 workers
  • Mr Phillip Brookman, trading as Phillip Brookman Decorator & Plasterer, Cardiff failed to pay 5, 141.70 to 1 worker
  • & H Electrical Limited, Torbay TQ2, failed to pay, £5, 139.02 to 6 workers
  • Mr Jonathan Evans, trading as Jonty Evans Equestrian Activities, Gloucester, failed to pay £5, 008.16 to 5 workers
  • SKL Professional Recruitment Agency Limited, trading as SKL Homecare, Hertsmere WD19, failed to pay £4, 628.69 to 43 workers
  • Wigan Rugby League Club Limited, trading as Wigan Warriors, Wigan WN5, failed to pay £4, 559.24 to 1 worker
  • Mr Blerim Bajrami, trading as Secure Hand Car wash, Cannock Chase, failed to pay 4, 475.01 to 3 workers
  • Tring Park Day Nursery Ltd, Dacorum HP23, failed to pay £4, 415.63 to 2 workers
  • Pet Charmer Ltd – Company in liquidation April 2019, trading as Wild Animal Adventures and Pet Mania, Stockton-on-Tees LS15, failed to pay £4, 168.90 to 1 worker
  • WKW Partnership Limited, trading as Cairngorm Hotel, Highland KA21, failed to pay 4, 057.00 to 7 workers
  • Mr Roan Bradshaw and Ms Joy Bradshaw, trading as First Glance, Lewisham, failed to pay £3, 997.58 to 1 worker
  • Costco Wholesale UK Limited , Hertsmere WD25, failed to pay £3, 747.52 to 58 workers
  • Gregg Little Testing Centre Limited, County Durham TS18, failed to pay £3, 703.90 to 4 workers
  • Solent Build Group Limited – Company Status Liquidation 06/12/2018, Southampton SO51, failed to pay £3, 676.33 to 1 worker
  • Blakerin International Holdings Limited, trading as Cumbria Park Hotel, Carlisle LA12, failed to pay £3, 611.13 to 46 workers
  • Multitech Site Services Limited, Uttlesford CM6, failed to pay £3, 294.52 to? 1 worker
  • Dr Jaskaram Bains and Dr Bernie Chand, Hanwell Dental Practice, Unknown, failed to pay £3, 072.25 to 5 workers
  • Byron Hamburgers Limited, Westminster W1D, failed to pay £3, 062.03 to 77 workers
  • Nina’s Nursery (Davenport) Limited, Stockport SK2, failed to pay 3, 058.20 to 18 workers
  • Walton Bannus Estates Limited, Harborough LE17, failed to pay £3, 051.60 to 2 workers
  • Circus in Schools Limited – Notice of voluntary strike-off – Nov 17, Cornwall TR13, failed to pay £2, 958.85 to 2 workers
  • KKM Enterprises Limited- Liquidation- 23/08/2019, trading as The Cleaning Company, Redbridge B77, failed to pay £2, 876.68 to 4 workers
  • The Bobby Dhanjal Practice Limited, trading as Bobby Dhanjal Wealth Management, Blaby LE19, failed to pay £2, 868.69 to 3 workers
  • Manor House Country Hotel Limited, Fermanagh and Omagh BT94, failed to pay £2, 837.04 to 139 workers
  • Morden Estates Company Limited, Dorset BH20, failed to pay £2, 761.45 to 43 workers
  • The Education Development Service Ltd, Telford and Wrekin TF4, failed to pay £2, 520.40 to 2 workers
  • Mr Malcolm Gilmour and Mr David Gilmour, trading as Gilmour Bros, South Lanarkshire, failed to pay £2, 446.58 to 3 workers
  • Storrs Hall Limited, South Lakeland BB1, failed to pay £2, 402.23 to 3 workers
  • DCS&D Limited Heritage Healthcare, Darlington DL1, failed to pay £2, 393.39 to 13 workers
  • Rainbow Room (East Kilbride) Limited, South Lanarkshire G74, failed to pay 2, 378.77 to 15 workers
  • Mr Darran Vaughan, trading as VAS Car Sales, Newry, Mourne and Down, failed to pay £2, 351.41 to 1 worker
  • Mr Gnanenran Arumugam, trading as Lavender Convenience Store, Cheshire East, failed to pay £2, 335.88 to 1 worker
  • The Calderdale Community Childcare Company Ltd, Calderdale HX2, failed to pay 2, 321.81 to 2 workers
  • Gzim Workshop Limited Valeting Car wash, Haringey N17, failed to pay £2, 297.21 to 3 workers
  • Alaska Fast Foods Ltd – Dissolved 05/02/2019, trading as Freddy’s Chicken & Pizza, Hyndburn M21, failed to pay 2, 180.93 to 7 workers
  • Tracy Hart, trading as Little Oaks Pre School, Dacorum, failed to pay £2, 134.47 to 1 worker
  • ChI Yip Group Limited , Oldham M24, failed to pay £2, 121.51 to 14 workers
  • Four Pillars Hotels Limited, Harrogate HG2, failed to pay £2, 092.55 to 29 workers
  • Mr William Fleeson, trading as Rainbow Room International, Stirling, failed to pay £2, 089.66 to 11 workers
  • D & D Decorators Limited, East Ayrshire KA3, failed to pay £2, 080.35 to 1 worker
  • KiddI Day Care Limited-Liquidation of the company commenced Feb 2019, trading as Blue Giraffe Childcare, Birmingham SA1, failed to pay £1, 978.57 to 9 workers
  • Dessian Products Limited, Belfast BT12, failed to pay £1, 885.00 to 1 worker
  • Crewe Hotel Trading Limited, trading as Holiday Inn Express Crewe, Cheshire East S43, failed to pay £1, 871.52 to 19 workers
  • Fast Fresh Ltd- Liquidated Dec 2019, trading as Subway, Sunderland BN1, failed to pay 1, 833.02 to 3 workers
  • Document Transport Limited, trading as Kegworth Hotel, North West Leicestershire PE2, failed to pay £1, 801.07 to 10 workers
  • Larne Coachworks Limited, Mid and East Antrim BT1, failed to pay £1, 791.69 to 1 worker
  • Mrs Therese Ann Binns, trading as Winston Churchill, Bradford, failed to pay £1, 774.35 to 3 workers
  • Mr Brian Wilde, Ms Mariella Gabbutt, Mr Tony Wilde, Mr Joseph Wilde, trading as J & B Wilde & Sons, Manchester, failed to pay £1, 717.23 to 4 workers
  • UKS Group Limited, Bristol, City of BS1, failed to pay £1, 666.88 to 13 workers
  • LM Bubble Tea Ltd, trading as Mooboo, Liverpool L15, failed to pay £1, 628.49 to 14 workers
  • The Wensleydale Heifer Limited, Richmondshire DL8, failed to pay £1, 625.89 to 3 workers
  • Fewcott Healthcare Limited, Cherwell OX27, failed to pay £1, 575.00 to 2 workers
  • Hotel Birmingham Ltd , trading as Travellers Inn, Sandwell B69, failed to pay £1, 516.25 to 3 workers
  • Keasim Glasgow Limited, trading as Malones Glasgow, Glasgow City G2, failed to pay £1, 503.43 to 1 worker
  • Shades Hair Design Limited- Dissolved 18/12/2018, trading as Shades Hair & Beauty, Bridgend CF32, failed to pay £1, 487.98 to 2 workers
  • Signature Inns Limited, trading as Westmead Hotel, Bromsgrove B48, failed to pay £1, 456.81 to 5 workers
  • Kingsland Engineering Company Limited (The), North Norfolk NR26, failed to pay £1, 331.79 to 4 workers
  • The Roxburghe Hotel Edinburgh Limited (we have been notified that this company is no longer operating and that theroxburghehotelis under new management), City of Edinburgh EH3, failed to pay £1, 317.43 to 47 workers
  • Business Services Organisation, Belfast BT2, failed to pay £1, 310.69 to£32 workers
  • Clare McFarlane and Suzanne McGill, trading as Rainbow Room International, South Lanarkshire, failed to pay 1, 304.77 to 16 workers
  • Mrs Krystle Purdy, trading as Krystalized, Epping Forest, failed to pay 1, 294.13 to 1 worker
  • Oakminster Healthcare Limited, trading as Cumbrae House Care Home, Glasgow City G41, failed to pay £1, 292.30 to 21 workers
  • Rainbows Day Care (Pembrokeshire) Limited-Company dissolved 03/03/2020, Pembrokeshire SA66, failed to pay £1, 273.38 to 46 workers
  • Maltings Entertainment Limited, trading as Carbon Nightclub and The Mill Bar and Grill Restaurant, Mid Suffolk IP6, failed to pay 1, 263.44 to 1 worker
  • Ben Ong UK Limited – Company Status Liquidation 28/11/2018, Barnet N12, failed to pay £1, 257.12 to 3 workers
  • Mr Nosh Fusha, trading as Green Lane Car Wash, Walsall, failed to pay £1, 254.73 to 1 worker
  • Cygnet Health Care Limited, Tonbridge and Malling TN15, failed to pay £1, 249.55 to 15 workers
  • Thurlaston Meadows Care Home Ltd, Rugby CV23, failed to pay 1, 223.54 to 1 worker
  • Trent Park Catering Limited Companies Status- Active Proposal to Strike Off, trading as Trent Park Caf, Enfield EN4, failed to pay £1, 213.77 to 10 workers
  • Lord Hill Hotel Limited, Shropshire SY2, failed to pay £1, 168.91 to 18 workers
  • Smart Solutions (Recruitment) Limited, Newport NP18, failed to pay £1, 152.09 to 90 workers
  • Black Rock Hotels Limited, trading as Leighinmohr House Hotel, Mid and East Antrim BT42, failed to pay £1, 138.05 to 30 workers
  • Gino’s Dial-A-Pizza Ltd, Cannock Chase WS11, failed to pay?£1, 117.38 to 7 workers
  • Mitras Automotive (UK) Limited, Cheshire West and Chester CW7, failed to pay £1, 048.29 to 3 workers
  • Anjana Bhog Sweets Limited-Dissolved 17/09/19, Brent UB3, failed to pay £1, 020.00 to 1 worker
  • Mr Mohammed Nasir, trading as Omar Khayyam, City of Edinburgh, failed to pay 935.31 to 2 workers
  • About Face Beauty Clinic Limited, Glasgow City G74, failed to pay £924.51 to 6 workers
  • Mr Howard Coy, trading as H Coy & Son, Melton failed to pay £902.29 to 1 worker
  • Jameson Knight Estates Limited-Dissolved 29/01/2019, Tower Hamlets E2, failed to pay £885.06 to 2 workers
  • Croome International Transport Limited, Maidstone ME17, failed to pay £869.19 to 8 workers
  • Rainbow Room (24 Royal Exchange Square) Limited, Glasgow City G1, failed to pay £851.70 to 6 workers
  • The Coaching Inn Group (No2) Limited-Application for voluntary strike-off – Dec 2019, Boston PE21, failed to pay £811.88 to 2 workers
  • Cotswold Motor Group Limited, Cheltenham GL51, failed to pay £796.31 to 2 workers
  • Glenpac Bacon Products Limited , Newry, Mourne and Down BT35, failed to pay £752.02 to 2 workers
  • Mistsolar Limited, trading as Bridgend Ford, Bridgend CF31, failed to pay £739.00 to? 1 worker
  • Robinson’s of Failsworth (Bakers) Limited, Tameside M35, failed to pay £736.82 to 9 workers
  • Mr Timothy Lock and Mrs Beatrice Lock, trading as Woodborough Hall, Gedling, failed to pay £723.60 to? 2 workers
  • Nova Display Limited, Leeds LS25, failed to pay £722.78 to 1 worker
  • Dessert House on the River Limited- Compulsory notice to strike off – 17/03/20 suspended 29/04/20, trading as Kaspa’s Desserts, Lewisham M16, failed to pay £719.10 to 1 worker
  • Mr Edwin Minchin, trading as Eddie’s Diner, Great Yarmouth, failed to pay £670.13 to 3 workers
  • The Izaak Walton Hotel (Dovedale) Ltd, Staffordshire Moorlands LA22, failed to pay £667.60 to 2 workers
  • Mr David Blake, trading as Foxhills Farm and Riding Centre, Walsall, failed to pay £667.54 to 1 worker
  • Shaoke Hospitality Ltd- Dissolved 30/04/2020, trading as Mooboo, Leeds L15, failed to pay £664.94 to 5 workers
  • Richard Webster & Co Limited, Eastleigh SO50, failed to pay £621.23 to 1 worker
  • Newemoo Limited, Birmingham B5, failed to pay 591.86 to 2 workers
  • Regional Buildings Assessments LLP, Hyndburn BB1, failed to pay £562.89 to 2 workers
  • Ace Hospitality Ltd, trading as Holiday Inn Express Birmingham- South A45, Birmingham B73, failed to pay £556.15 to 14 workers
  • Mrs Elizabeth Norris and Dr Terry Hooper, trading as St Bart’s Day Nurseries, Dover, failed to pay £552.53 to 9 workers
  • The Club Company (UK) Limited, Wokingham RG10, failed to pay £540.30 to 11 workers
  • Eat Tokyo Limited, Barnet NW11, failed to pay £530.83 to 2 workers
  • Molescroft Nursing Home (Holdings) Limited, trading as Beverley Grange Nursing Home, East Riding of Yorkshire HU13, failed to pay £510.24 to 1 worker



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