HR 11 January 2021

What HR lessons did businesses learn in 2020?

Helen Jamieson from Jaluch HR

Helen Jamieson - Founder and MD of Jaluch HR
“Leaders need to understand how to move forward from this.”
Name: Helen Jamieson

Job title: Founder and MD of Jaluch HR

Bio: Helen Jamieson is founder and CEO ofjaluch, an award-winning HR consultancy providing HR support and training to organisations large and small, including Visa, Bupa, RNLI.

For over 18 years Jaluch has provided organisations of all sizes with HR expertise, assisting teams to build knowledge, process and solutions that positively impact people and support business innovation. Through a fearless approach to innovation, Jaluch has become an award-winning force within the HR sector, offering alternatives to traditional HR and training services such as self-service, online tools designed to serve small and start-up businesses.

How well did businesses navigate the furlough fiasco?

While some businesses did really well, others struggled and this was really down to the quality of the leadership and the quality of relationships within the leadership team, communication channels working well and managers being effective communicators.

“Effective communication alongside leaders having a growth (or agile) rather than fixed mindset made the difference between sink and swim. It determined how quickly people came to terms with the fact that things had to change.”

Alongside this, it was clear that those that invested time and money in technology and ensuring teams were confident with their tech skills were able to adapt.

What should businesses be doing to ensure they continue to work within legal HR structures when their workforce remains remote?


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