HR · 11 May 2016

How brand matters when it comes to HR: Part two

branding and retention
A brand needs to seem familiar and always meet expectations
In the second part of this series of articles looking at the importance of a strong brand for effective HR, Margaret Keane looks at how branding and retention are interlinked.

Your current team’s understanding and interpretation of the brand is extremely important. It is vital to ensure that the key messages are conveyed consistently at every possible opportunity: recruitment, induction, training, team meetings, appraisals and company meetings. Make sure the message is heavily communicated and embedded.

It is vital that you spend as much time and effort on your internal employee buy-in as your external marketing efforts. But, to be successful in your efforts there must be constant confirmation and reinforcement of the brand by the people at the top of the organisation

Building a brand is a long-term objective and needs to be consistent in good and bad economic times. The confidence and support of your employees and also prospective employees depends on this.

Consistency is a vital word a brand needs to be reliable and familiar in our busy lives and always meet expectations.

The final part of the circle is to constantly monitor how you are doing. Ask customers, employees and past employees. Act on negative feedback and make necessary changes. Use the following processes to seek improvements:

  • Job chats
  • Employee surveys
  • Team meeting
  • Appraisals
  • Exit interviews
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Company meetings
  • Customer surveys
By asking the following questions, organisations can define and plan their branding and align it to suit the needs and wants of their employees.

What is the promise you are offering to employees?

Salary addresses a large part but what else is it that you offer in return for your employees? enthusiasm, passion, energy, and dedication?

What is your brand personality?

Do you offer sought-after qualities such as flexibility, creativity and innovation to your employees?

How do you want to treat your employees?

In return for their hard work and passion, employees love to be recognised and valued. How do you recognise and appreciate your employees?

Can you improve employer branding?

Even if you’re a major organisation with a strong brand, employer branding can always be fine-tuned. Here are some ways to improve the process.



Margaret Keane is the managing director of Outsourcing HR, an HR consultancy that helps businesses succeed by providing practical, cost-effective human resources management and recruitment services. In addition to being an experienced HR professional, Margaret has a successful track record in general management roles. As a result, Margaret is focused on ensuring that HR contributes to the bottom line.

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