HR 22 January 2021

Getting the best out of your people

Sue Gee Webinar on staff motivation
As leaders it’s important to remember, we don’t have all the answers.
Learn ways to step back and trust your staff to deliver and inspire staff to go the extra mile as?Prosper? kick off their 2021 webinar programme with Business Development Director, Sue Gee in conversation with Lisa Karran.

Sue has a couple of decades of experience in training, learning and coaching. Accomplished businesswoman, coach and energetic people person? she lives and breathes the contents of her published book on leadership and management, who’s driving the bus .

“Leadership and management rarely come naturally, ” says Lisa, “and most of us have to make an effort to review and remind ourselves that there’s always more to learn. A big part of being a good leader is remaining open to that.”

Discover how you can improve efficiency and effectiveness by keeping your staff motivated and engaged. Get practical tips on how to reduce people issues and achieve a happy workplace with reduced stress for you and your team.

Watch the video:

leading and managing people I think is the hardest jobbecause people are different and trying to get the balance of how we get the best out of our people is never easy. (03:43)

Hear Sue’s answers to the following questions:

What’s the difference between leadership and management?

Management is about what we do; how we task deadlines and get things completed. Leadership is how we do it; our behaviours, our values and the way we treat people.

as a leader our job is to inspire people. (05:48)

Finding the right balance between the two is key.

What’s the single quickest thing we can do to make someone a better leader?

for me communication is the foundation of life, it’s the foundation of leadership. One of the key rules around communication is, this is not about you. It’s about your audience. (09:28)

When were communicating with people, we ask questions. When we ask those questions it’s important that we take the time to listen to the answers. it’s easy to ask a question and then wait to hear what you want to hear. When you ask questions make sure you take the time to really hear what someone is telling you.

as leaders it’s important to remember, we don’t have all the answers. (11:24)

What is motivation and how can you inspire it in your staff?

motivation is all about what drives us from within. (13.39)

Sue uses the analogy of new employees joining a company. They arrive motivated, positive and ready to achieve. But how do you retain that motivation two or three years down the line?

Now that so many of us are working from home, leaders need to be working harder to help, support and encourage? staff to remain motivated.

Empowerment and control vs. trust

you can’t empower somebody if you don’t trust them. Because if you don’t trust them how are you going to let them go and develop and move forward (19:52)

To develop a responsibility culture, you have to let go of control, and control versus trust is about setting objectives, targets and boundaries.

the way to get trust, Sue says, is to give somebody something that they fully understand that they can deliver. (21:49)

don’t assume you’ve explained yourself properly. it’s important to check that they understand and you clearly clarify your expectations.

if you want to succeed as a leader, you have got to be able to balance that control versus trust and allow your team members to be empowered to take responsibility, to take accountability for what they do, then you get a successful team. (23:00)

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