HR · 1 December 2020

Employers need to offer physical and mental support for Long Covid

Long Covid
“For an unfortunate few, Long Covid is serious and potentially life-threatening but for most, it is likely to be a long-term chronic condition that could prevent them returning to their working life or normal activities for some time.”

Employers wishing to minimise the impact of Long Covid on both their employees and their organisation, should ensure that their health and wellbeing programmes include holistic and personalised support for staff for as long as they need it, according to RedArc MD.

Long Covid, a condition currently affecting approximately 60, 000 people in the UK which will inevitably continue to rise – and characterised by a variety of physiological and psychological issues, including fatigue, breathlessness, cognitive blunting (brain fog?) and pain, requires practical, medical and emotional support, similar to that already offered by employers for conditions such as cancer, ME and diabetes.



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