HR · 29 November 2019

7 signs that your employee is ready for a promotion

No matter what kind of business you run, at some point or another, nearly all of your staff will want to progress in their careers. It can be easy to know if an employee is ready for a promotion from a skills point of view. Maybe they’re excelling in their role at the moment and are completing their daily to-do list ‘in their sleep’. Or perhaps they’ve completed all the necessary qualifications that are needed for that next step up their career ladder.

But are they ready mentally Are they really mentally prepared for the additional stresses and commitments that come hand-in-hand with a promotion?

This isnt always as easy to determine as checking off their skills. Francesca Sieler, Marketing Director at luxury cashmere brand ChintI & Parker, says, There’s so much more to moving up the career ladder than just ticking boxes on a plan. it’s important to make sure staff are ready in their own minds for the changes a promotion can bring to their lives. Being mentally prepared will ensure they are ready to take on the new challenges with passion and enthusiasm.

To that end, here are eight ways to tell if they’re mentally prepared for their next promotion.

1. They work well under pressure

it’s easy for staff to think they’re ready for a promotion if they havent faced any conflict in their current role. But smooth sailing can lull them into a false sense of security.

Any new position will come with its own set of challenges and stresses, so if they’ve proven that they can weather storms, then they should be all set. Managerial gigs come with their fair share of challenges, so the better equipped they are to handle difficult times, the more mentally prepared they’ll be for that next step.

If you know that they have the poise, inner strength and aptitude to successfully navigate tricky terrain, communicate effectively and reach a calm resolution, then they could be ready for a new challenge, and a promotion!

2. They’re flexible

It takes a humble person to recognise that they need help and to ask for it. Unfortunately, those who excel in senior management and beyond arent always the best at doing this. Nor are they great at creating alliances with other departments and handling conflict well. Asking someone for help, even if they are below? you, isnt a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it’s a sign of great mental strength. It’s important to shine a light on staff that do this.

3. They’re ready to put in the extra time



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