High Streets Initiative · 22 May 2019

More British men are shopping on the high street, crediting improved retail experience

More than a third of men believe the male shopping experience has improved over the last decade.This coincides with figures that show the number of men spending high street? prices has increased in the last five years.Could this prompt a mass revival of the waning UK high street?

Last year, the menswear sector grew by 22% while its female counterpart only saw sales rise by 8%.

Better clothing designs for men, more styling options and an improved shopping experience are all helping to drive men’s fashion sales, according to new research from the?Fashion Retail Academy.

The number of men spending up to 50 a month has grown in the last five years too.

While the frequency with which men buy clothes both online and in-store has stayed relatively flat over the past five years, an increasing number of men say they enjoy the experience of shopping much more in that time – and are therefore likely to spend more.

In fact, the biggest sea change in attitudes to men’s clothing is happening on the high street itself. One in five men say that shops are making more of a concerted effort to appeal to them than five years ago.

34.6% say that major retailers have made efforts to improve the in-store experience specifically for men.

A further quarter believe that menswear is now better designed, while three in 10 say that there are simply more options for men now.

These changes to the shopping experience mean that men feel more comfortable in high street stores than they did five years ago. 17.1% of the respondents in the Fashion Retail Academy survey say they are now much happier to shop alone without a friend or partner, or are more likely to go in-store than buy online now.

An additional one in 10 (10.2%) men say they now buy their own clothes whereas five years ago, their partner or friend would do it for them.



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