High Streets Initiative · 16 June 2017

High street retailers urged to meet consumer demand with same-day delivery options

Same-day delivery
A majority of online shoppers would abandon the checkout and seek a competitor that offered same-day delivery
Britain’s online shopping community has sent a message to retailers, after a new study revealed a greater demand for same-day delivery in the UK than any other country.

According to a consumer survey, by electronic cigarette retailer Clouder.co.uk, 67 per cent of shoppers would spend more online if same-day delivery was offered.

Meanwhile, over half would take their business to a rival if more convenient delivery was available.

The study also looked at Google search terms to uncover which kind of retailers had most to gain from expanding their options. Flowers were the most searched for keyword, followed by cake, chocolate and balloons.

A pre-Valentine’s Day rush was picked up on by researchers, as well as a mid-August boom for last-minute holiday purchases.

Following the introduction of ultra-convenient delivery options by big hitters Amazon and Tesco, local independent retailers with an ecommerce presence to bolster their in-store offering have struggled to compete.

it comes as no surprise that customers want same-day delivery, said Tomas Zalatoris, CEO of Clouder.co.uk.

with the success of services such as Amazon Prime, a consumer’s delivery expectations are getting bigger and the time they are happy to wait for products is getting smaller, he added.

Zalatoris explained why the expectations of younger generations would only make same-day delivery more essential in the coming years.

millennials have been brought up alongside the digital boom, where everything is available instantly. Retailers need to be where consumers are, which as Millennials grow up, is increasingly online.

Bringing same-day delivery to the high street

Despite consumer spending power continuing to dip due to inflation and economic uncertainty, ecommerce sales accounted for 22 per cent of all retail purchases in May 2017.

Any bricks and mortar retailer able to offer sophisticated online delivery methods stands to gain significantly.

However, for independent owners concerned around the costs of same-day delivery, customer expectations appeared realistic and could go beyond covering expenses. Over a third said they would pay 10 to 15 for the convenience.



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