High Streets Initiative · 26 July 2017

Free Wi-FI would encourage over 80 per cent of shoppers to visit local retailers

free Wi-FI
Free internet access in-store is proving a big draw for retail customers
Some 82 per cent of British shoppers would be more likely to visit independent high street retailers if they had free Wi-FI access, a new study has found.

Independent retailer customers with free Wi-FI access are spending around 37, 000 minutes browsing the internet on average per store every month, according to research carried out by small business phone and broadband provider XLN.

Meanwhile, the average online session time per device in independent UK retail stores with free Wi-FI access has increased over the last six months by 32 per cent, suggesting Britain’s shoppers are now willing to visit well connected independent retailers more frequently and for longer.

The findings come after analysis of the UK’s largest free public Wi-FI network, which has more than 20, 000 internet hotspots across the country.

The network, launched by XLN, has been designed to encourage people to spend longer in independent stores as opposed to large corporate chains.

The network’s founder, Christian Nelleman, claimed that access to free Wi-FI would hugely improve the prospects for many independent high street retailers. it’s always been our ambition to do more than simply save small businesses money. We want to help them grow too, he added.

The co-founders of independent venture Just Beer, Phil Ayling and Duncan Neil, whove recently begun to offer access to free Wi-FI to customers in their store, said that itd resulted in a boost to business.



Fred Heritage was previously deputy editor at Business Advice. He has a BA in politics and international relations from the University of Kent and an MA in international conflict from Kings College London.