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Birmingham New Street sees more Black Friday weekend shoppers than any other high street

Birmingham New Street
New Street was the most popular UK high street for shoppers on Black Friday 2017
A study into which UK high streets saw the biggest increase in shopper footfall over Black Friday has revealed that Birmingham?s New Street came out on top.

The popular shopping district in the West Midlands city saw more physical shoppers between 24 and 26 November ? Black Friday weekend ? than in any other part of the country.

London?s Oxford Street could only manage fifth place on the list, with Edinburgh?s Princes Street, Sheffield?s Fargate and Bristol?s Broadmead completing the top five high streets in terms of shopper footfall on Black Friday weekend 2017.

The study from retail technology platform GroundTruth of Black Friday weekend shoppers also revealed which types of items proved most popular over Black Friday weekend.

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Electricals topped the list of items on most people?s Black Friday shopping lists. A quarter of shoppers admitted to having plans to seek out cheap deals on things like headphones, televisions and music systems.

The popularity of electricals was backed up by the study?s footfall data, which showed a 105 per cent increase in footfall for electronic stores over Black Friday weekend, compared with the previous three weekends.

Despite retail industry claims that Black Friday weekend 2017 was less successful for physical high street shop owners that in previous years, shopper footfall increased dramatically in a wide variety of stores.

In addition to department stores and electronic stores, shopper footfall went up in clothes shops (42 per cent), coffee shops (26 per cent) restaurants, pubs and fast food outlets (50 per cent combined). Cinemas also experienced an increase in customer footfall of nine per cent over Black Friday weekend.

GroundTruth?s general manager for the EMEA region, Theo Theodorou, said the footfall data proved that Black Friday weekend still held many opportunities for independent retailers. He added that location technology should be adopted to maximise high street footfall. ?selling all types of products.

He said: ?In?order to stand out from the competition during competitive retail shopping days like Black Friday brands must reach consumers in the moments that matter. Those [retailers] using location technology are doing this with cleverly targeted campaigns, without being ?try hards?.

?Location insights allows brands to build off what people are doing in the real world and influence what they do next ? it?s this type of data which will provide tangible results that drive sales and boost the bottom line.?

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