From the top · 4 October 2016

Philip Hammond vows to support UK enterprise

Philip Hammond is the new chancellor
Chancellor Philip Hammond announced fresh policies for UK enterprise in his conference speech
Speaking atthis year’s Conservative Party conference in Birmingham the chancellor, Philip Hammond, has announced a raft of new policies to support enterprise in Britain.

In his speech on 3 October, Hammond spoke at length about tackling the UK’s grossly uneven? productivity levels, revealing plansto provide infrastructureinvestment across the whole country.

New funding measures for tech businessesand support for smaller building firms were put at the centre of the government’s new industrial strategy.

quite simply, were not building enough new homes.

As expected, the chancellor used his speech topledge 3bn in support of a Home Builders? Fund, designed to address the housing shortage in Britain by providing small building firms across the country with the finance required to start projects.

The fund follows recent research by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) which found that 50 per cent of SME building companies across the UK struggled to access finance to begin new housing projects, with owners feeling likethe planning system wasa closed-shop for small firms.

The new fund will seek to push smaller house builders to the fore and help the government reach the targeted figure of new homes.

part of Britain’s productivity transformation will come, of course, from innovation.

In another key announcement, Hammond introduced a 220m fund to support innovative UK tech firms, seekingto secure the UK’s future as amajor global tech tech following uncertainty related to theeU referendum.

A 120m portion of the fund will be siphoned off to nurture the tech transfer offices that put universities and entrepreneurs together, the chancellor said.

The government will hope that renewed’support for innovation and enterprise in the tech industry will go some way to dispel worriesover the potentialloss of EU-funded research opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as the end of the free movement of tech workers across European borders.

we want to create the conditions for success in the North, the South, and everywhere in between.

In his speech, Hammondalso threw his weight behind the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine initiatives, guaranteeing regional devolution deals.

Hammond stated that closing the UK’s productivity gap was key to Britain’s future outside the EU, and spoke of the government’s commitment to providing political leadership to the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine.

Henoted that, although Birmingham had seen an increase of 320, 000 workers since 2010, productivity and economic growth in the Midlands had lagged behind the UK average.

Commenting on the chancellor’s announcements, Mike Cherry, national chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), welcomed the measures to introduce regional strategies, but pushed the government to go further in infrastructure and skills investment.

‘small businesses within the Northern Powerhouse and the Midlands Engine will be pleased by confirmation that the chancellor will provide the political leadership for these projects.



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