From the top · 26 September 2016

John McDonnell pledges to turn UK into an entrepreneurial state

The shadow chancellor announced Labour’s intention to create a national investment bank which would borrow up to 100bn.
Shadow chancellor John McDonnell will tell the Labour Party conference that a Labour-led government will create an entrepreneurial state? in Britain.

In the shadow chancellor’s keynote speech, McDonnell will state Labour’s commitment to creating a a renaissance in British manufacturing? following Britain’s exit from the EU, should the party win the next general election.

McDonnell’s keynote speech will seek to shift the party’s reputation amongst business owners, and will outline a co-operative relationship between the Labour Party and UK enterprise.

“Our government will create an entrepreneurial state that works with the wealth creators, the workers and the entrepreneurs to create the products and the markets that will secure our long-term prosperity, ” he will say.

In an interview with Sky News, McDonnell has already announced the party’s intention to bring in investment for infrastructure and skills through a national investment bank. The bank would borrow up to 100bn which would lever in? private funding worth 150bn to invest in British manufacturing.

The speech will make also reference to the possibilities of digital technology in bringing manufacturing bases back to the UK, rather than taking them to the countries that offer the cheapest labour.

“Digital technology means production can be smaller-scale, in smaller, faster firms dependent on co-operation and collaboration, McDonnell will say.

The idea of Britain as an entrepreneurial state? is a recurring theme in the shadow chancellor’s rhetoric. In a speech in April, McDonnell made reference to the term after announcing Labour’s support for the creation of strategic entrepreneurial hubs (SEHs) working spaces designed for local professionals and small businesses.

In the speech, McDonnell highlighted Labour’s traditional place as the party of makers and doers.



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