From the top · 27 June 2016

Corbyn “not destined to be PM” says business minister joining Labour cabinet exodus

Toby Perkins is one of a number of Labour MPs distancing themselves from Jeremy Corbyn
Toby Perkins is one of a number of Labour MPs distancing themselves from Jeremy Corbyn
Toby Perkins has tweeted his letter of resignation to leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, saying: The Labour party is a more important institution than any of us, not just to its members but to the whole country.

The MP for Chesterfield, who was shadow armed forces minister until stepping down, formerly served as shadow small business minister between 2011 and 2015. He had been a fervent supporter of overhauling business rates and Britain’s position as part of the European Union.

He also led debates for Labour on pub company regulation and Sunday trading laws for the Olympics.

Back in April 2015, he told our sister title, Real Business, that: The idea you turn your back on the world’s largest trading block, and send a message to the rest of the world that you are pulling up the draw bridge and wanting to get away from it, would be catastrophic.

Now, alongside the former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle and a host of other Labour cabinet members, Perkins has served his own vote of no confidence to the ailing Corbyn and left the Labour shadow cabinet.

While Perkins’said it had been a great honour? to serve Corbyn as part of the defence team, he has been urged by many to step down.

He stated in his letter: I am still uncertain whether you believe that you did all you could to secure votes during the recent EU referendum campaign and this ambiguity certainly fed through to voters. Either way, it does not augur well for any general election campaign.

to allow it to risk the catastrophe it [the party] will surely face, if you lead us into the general election campaign, would be a betrayal of my members, constituents and the wider country.

Perkins now wants Corbyn to ‘stand down at the earliest opportunity? as he is not destined to become prime minister.



Hunter Ruthven was previously editor of Business Advice. He was also the editor of Real Business, the UK's most-read website for entrepreneurs and business leaders at the helm of growing SMEs.

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