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Our franchise legal expert: Cubism Law managing director Andrew Pena

Cubism Law’s Andrew Pena

I’m Andrew Pena,?Cubism Law?s MD and founder.?I?was born in Spain before moving to the UK as a child, where in my?youth, I loved the sciences and ?making things?. It was this love of creating which attracted me?to law, then to franchising, and indeed to build my?own law firm.

I?qualified as a lawyer in 1992, initially choosing to specialise in commercial and media litigation, but was quickly drawn to franchise law. I have?worked at well-known city practices including Field Fisher Waterhouse where I?became a partner in 2001, and eventually headed-up their franchise practice. However, my?creative side was unfulfilled, and I wanted to build a different future, based on a different way of doing law. So I?started up Cubism Law in 2006, a highly successful mid-sized law firm with a reputation for innovation and entrepreneurialism, based on a business model which is in effect, a franchise. So, I?understand not only franchise law is, but what it is to own and run a franchise.

This makes me?one of the most unique franchise lawyers in the country, leading a practice voted the Franchise Firm of the Year 2011 by Finance Monthly, and one of the UK?s top contract lawyers. I have?handled over 1,000 cases over the last ten years. Importantly, in a highly litigious area of law, I have?never lost a case taken to court, and am??recognised as a leading expert by both the Legal 500 and Chambers. Highly diplomatic however, I am?a skilled mediator, and often support clients in resolving matters without the need to litigate.

Ever creative, I pride?myself?on approaching legal problems from non-legal perspectives. This, along with my?Spanish roots, was why I?named my?company ?Cubism?, after the movement famous for breaking a subject down into its constituent parts in order to consider each part from different perspectives.

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Andrew Pena is a commercial litigator who has worked at well-known City practices. Having acted for major international companies and many recognisable high street brands, he now heads up Cubism Law?s franchise law practice.

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