Franchising · 28 February 2019

Strategies for being on top of innovation in the franchise system

Collaboration is essential in making each and every employee feel part of the bigger picture
Franchise owners who create a space that is open to new ideas will allow innovation to flow.Here are a few strategies that could help you today.

A new year brings fresh ideas and a renewed sense of motivation. While you are undoubtedly eager to breathe new life and innovation into owning a franchise after a period of reflection, these new ideas and strong commitment require strategies of implementation.

While a number of franchise businesses arent prepared or willing to push the limits of innovation, you can be a franchise owner that embraces change for the benefit of your business and your customers. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Encourage entrepreneurship

Encouraging your employees to think entrepreneurially doesnt mean they should start thinking about cultivating their own future business plans, but rather that they should bring that method of thinking to your business.

Also known as “intrapreneurship”, employees should be aware of the fact that they can think of new ideas and bring them to you if they are a good fit for the business. Whether it’s a weekly communal brainstorm, monthly one-on-one, or just a case of come to me when you have an idea, creating a space that is open to new ideas will allow innovation to flow your way.


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Set aside time for research



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