Franchising · 10 May 2016

Franchise Profile: North East care home provider Heritage Healthcare

Heritage Healthcare Amanda Jackson,  Glenn Pickersgill
Heritage Healthcare directors Amanda Jackson and Glenn Pickersgill
With a large and growing marketplace for franchisees, domiciliary care has been one of UK franchising’s fastest growth sectors in recent years. Heritage Healthcare is one of its up-and-comers, having grown from its North East of England headquarters so successfully that it’s one of just three firms in the running to be named emerging franchisor of the year 2016 by the British Franchise Association.

Founder and CEO Glenn Pickersgill gives Business Advice an insight into the Heritage Healthcare story so far.

Q&A subject: Heritage Healthcare CEO, Glenn Pickersgill


  • Franchised since: June 2013
  • Network size: ten franchisees across 11 territories
  • Network turnover: 850, 000
  • Typical start-up cost: 27, 995
(1) What’s your background in care?

My family has been working in the care sector since 1955, when my grandmother set up a three-bedded care home in Darlington. When she retired in 1970, my parents were placed in charge and the care home also became our family home.

In 1973, my parents bought another nursing home and went on to open another in 1977. After selling my first business, I decided that having lived around care and learning as much as I had at such a young age, it made sense for me to get back to my roots.

I purchased a 12-bed property and began to adapt it in to a residential home for the elderly. Harewood Lodge opened in 1984 in Darlington, with the sale of the business paying for both the property and its alterations.

My parents and I decided to work together in 1985. Together we created Supreme Care Homes, and in 1993 began to provide domiciliary care in people’s homes. We carried on providing care until 2006, at which point we sold the business.

(2) What was the driving force behind starting Heritage Healthcare and how does that translate to the ethos of the business?

Id only been out of business for six months when my wife Sally and I began to look for another care home. I missed having a business and wanted to get back to doing what I love most. I looked around a number of homes, but when I really began to think about the future of care, all I could see was care at home.

We purchased our company name, Heritage Healthcare, in 2007 and the following year finalised the purchase of a home care business in Guisborough, North Yorkshire. We then went on to open another three care offices in the North East of England.

Our aim as a company is to transform homecare and be the care provider of choice nationwide. All too often, care homes and home care providers are in the news for failing to look after their clients.

We ensure that each client receives a dignified and respectful service that is delivered with compassion. Alone, we would be unable to grow the business to the nationwide scale it needs to be to meet our aims.

(3) Why did you decide on franchising as your expansion model?

We felt that through franchising, we would be able to grow the business more quickly and still be able to maintain control.

We were extremely confident in our business model and knew first hand, that when followed, it delivered success. Our policies and procedures met international quality standards and between the board of directors, we have a wealth of care experience. We felt that our knowledge, experience and expertise would be invaluable in helping others to develop and run a successful care business.

(4) Who are the team behind the franchise and how does your collective experience help your franchisees? Do you have any awards to highlight your ethical approach?

Including myself and my wife Sally, there are four directors of Heritage Healthcare. Together, we have over 80 years of experience within the care sector and have worked in almost every role.

Michelle achieved her Qualified Franchise Professional certificate prior to our first franchisee joining us. This qualification ensures that, within our business, we have sound knowledge of the franchise industry and are able to fully support franchisees in their due diligence, applications for finance and in general support throughout their time as a franchisee.

Our franchisee owners also have access to in-house marketing and finance department who are on hand daily, to assist them in their business needs.

(5) Do your franchisees require a background in care?

We don’t require our franchisee owners to have a background in care.



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