Finance · 28 March 2022

Why Self-Limiting Beliefs are Holding You Back from Acquiring the Wealth You Deserve

acquiring wealth

We all have a relationship with money, usually shaped from our childhood. Whether our parents were good with money, understood the financial world or whether we grew up in an environment where money was tight, we are exposed to other people’s ideas of money and our own worth from a young age.

As we progress through life this mindset gets embedded in our everyday lives, from feeling we can’t get involved in stocks and shares as we are not from that world to being held back from sound investment deals because we have been taught that anything that involves risk is bad.

To fully grow wealth and reach the place we want to be financially, both personally and in business, we need to address these self-limiting beliefs and reset our relationship with money.

Money gives us choices and freedom. It allows us to choose where we want to live, where our children will go to school, how we live our lives and what we spend our time doing. The system the majority of people live and work in is designed to keep us working 9-5, chained to paying our mortgage and bills and using what’s left to feel we have the freedom to go on holiday and give our children, partners and family an enriched and enjoyable life.

But what if there was another way, a way to break free and have greater financial freedom, by building another pillar of wealth to transform the future?

What, then, would be the key to reaching this financial fitness, to growing wealth?

Many things hold people back from taking the first steps to taking control of their finances, but when we explore the reasons why it usually comes down to people feeling they are not good enough or they are harbouring huge self-doubt. Many people will hide behind other reasons, such as they don’t have the knowledge or they don’t have the time, but these are usually just excuses and the real reason is they don’t believe they are worthy.

Knowledge can be gained, and time can be made for anything we want to prioritize. Once we start to understand these excuses aren’t the real reason for lack of action, and that the self-limiting beliefs are the real reason, mindset can start to be changed.



Renowned stock market and wealth educator, investor, and entrepreneur Marcus de Maria is the founder of Investment Mastery, one of the world’s leading investment and trading education companies. A sought-after keynote speaker on wealth creation who has shared the stage with some of the world’s leaders in business, success and philanthropy, Marcus has gained mutual respect from many high profiled individuals including Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. Marcus is also the author of three books including The Lunchtime Trader, a guide on how to build indestructible wealth by trading stocks for just 20 minutes a day. After experiencing financial difficulties, Marcus went from being £100,000 in bad debt and sleeping on his brother’s floor to taking control of his financial future and learning strategies to become financially fit, building multiple pillars of wealth for security. He now uses all he has learnt to help others follow this path of wealth creation. Marcus and Investment Mastery’s greatest adversary is the “Get Rich Quick” mindset – their aim is to educate others on how to create financial independence, security, and ultimately wealth, for themselves and their families. He also aims to teach students about some of the most misunderstood wealth creation vehicles, such as cryptocurrencies and the stock market.

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