Finance · 30 March 2022

2022 Forex Markets: Dynamics and Opportunities

If you think recent viral pandemics and creeping global inflation have affected capital and forex markets, get ready for more volatility. However, keep in mind that volatility can be an excellent thing for many individuals who invest and trade part-time or full-time from home. It’s a fact that when wars, pandemics, financial crises, logistics snafus, and other worldwide problems directly affect foreign exchange markets. Because forex trading is all about the relative strength of one nation’s currency against another’s, foreign exchange rates are in constant movement. 

Traders tend to keep an eye on volatility and relative value between currency pairs, and that’s where international news comes into the picture. As 2022 enters its second quarter, there are multiple dynamics that every forex enthusiast should monitor. Volatility, international crises, energy shortages, supply chain slowdowns, and an ongoing COVID infection rate are just a few of the factors that are an integral part of the scenario for 2022, and each one offers opportunities for traders to earn a profit.

Here are details about each of the central components that you should follow as the year unfolds. They include major dynamics, like COVID, the Ukraine-Russia war, and more. For individuals trading forex with AvaTrade, it’s crucial to keep a daily list of potential opportunities and market dynamics that could help them make predictions about which currencies will strengthen and which ones might weaken. Note the many opportunities, like the volatility of the Russian ruble, possible post-war economic improvements, and the chance to make profits on very short-term currency moves.

Dynamic: COVID Variants

The COVID pandemic has refused to end, with new stealth variants of the original virus continuing to wreak havoc on world securities markets. Several developed nations still have shutdown policies in place that cause major problems for small businesses. COVID has already led to higher unemployment in dozens of countries and poor GDP (gross domestic product) numbers across the board. It’s essential to analyze news stories to determine which nations are more gravely affected by the pandemic. Relative economic strength is the all-important factor in forex trading. As the Ukraine-Russia war and COVID have had a greater impact on Eastern European nations than on the US, the dollar could likely continue to strengthen, relatively speaking, against those other currencies.

Dynamic: Political Unrest

Political turbulence, particularly military conflicts, are of special interest to foreign exchange traders. Although war, natural disasters, and other negative events are detrimental to the human condition, it’s also true that currency markets are intimately affected by major global events of all kinds, both good and bad ones. The current war between Ukraine and Russia is a case in point. Several currencies, like the ruble, have already taken major hits and will likely continue to slide as the war lingers on. 

Whenever international markets become unstable, individual investors seek safe havens for their money. Typically, that means they pull capital out of stocks, bonds, and commodities. Where do they put it? Often, political turbulence means an increase in the price of gold, as has been the case since late February when Russia invaded Ukraine. Other safe parking spots include historically-stable currencies like the US dollar, the Japanese yen, and the Swiss franc.

Opportunity: The Ruble



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