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Driving profitability in 2017 means balancing costs and sales

Driving profitability in 2017
Driving profitability in 2017
The vast majority of businesses are always looking for ways to become more profitable but in reality, this can be something of a balancing act.

Reducing spend is key to driving profitability, but that doesnt mean compromising on quality. Equally, your prices will determine how profitable your business is, but you must be careful not to price yourself out of the market.

To help small businesses navigate this difficult balancing act, KPMG Small Business Accounting has put together a guide to cutting costs and driving sales.

it’s all about finding the best services for the best price, and marketing your goods at the optimal price points. If that sounds tricky, here are some pointers to help you get started.

Reduce your business costs

You need to understand your business costs, and be able to spot it early if they are rising significantly. Is money being wasted, could you get better deals elsewhere?

Try speaking to your staff as those running the day-to-day operations might have valuable insights to offer.

You can also consider implementing bookkeeping software to keep track of the numbers for you.

Getting better value

Some businesses can be guilty of sticking with the same suppliers because of an existing relationship, or because it’s just less hassle to switch. Try not to disregard alternatives that can offer the same level of service at a lower price it might take a little effort, but it will pay off.

That said, try not to focus exclusively on price. Customer service is also important, and you might regret taking the cheapest option if you are continually let down.

Getting the sales



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