Entrepreneurship · 11 July 2022

11 Ideas of Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon

what to sell on amazon

Amazon is a great place to sell your products. Not only does Amazon have a large audience, but it is also very easy to set up your store and start selling. The biggest challenge when starting out as a seller is deciding on what to sell on Amazon to maximise your potential profits. Get this decision right and there is serious money to be made.

To help give everyone the best chance of success, this article will discuss the top items to sell on Amazon and provide some useful tips for selling them successfully.

1. Books

Books are always a safe bet when selling on Amazon. They are easy to store and ship, and there is always a demand for them. In fact, Amazon started out as a bookseller before expanding into other areas.

To sell books profitably on Amazon, it is important to find a niche market so that you can sell your books at a higher price. For example, if you are selling textbooks, then you should focus your marketing on selling to students who need them for their studies.

Alternatively, you could focus on selling rare or collectable books. These can be more difficult to find but will fetch a much higher price than regular books. If you can find books that are in good condition but are out-of-print or rare, then you can potentially make a killing.

2. Electronics

Electronics are always in high demand, making them a great choice for selling on Amazon. They can be a little more difficult to ship than books, but as long as you pack them securely there should be no problems.

As with books, it is important to find a niche market when selling electronics. For example, you could focus on selling a particular type of electronic, such as laptops or tablets. Alternatively, you could focus on selling only used electronics. Used electronics can be sold for a much lower price than new ones, but they still fetch a good price if they are relatively new and are in good condition.

When selling electronics, it is also important to have a good return policy. This is because electronics are often delicate and can easily be damaged in transit. If you do not have a good return policy, then you run the risk of losing money on returns.

sell video games on Amazon

3. Computer Games

Computer games are another great item to sell on Amazon because there is a huge target audience. Your main two options are to sell the latest releases or to sell used games.

The latest releases will always fetch a higher price but you may find it hard to make a profit because of the competition. Used games can be sold for a lower price but you will have less competition and more people will be willing to buy them.

Retro computer games for consoles such as the Nintendo 64 or the Sega Genesis are also becoming increasingly popular and can fetch high prices because of their rarity and nostalgic appeal. If you have any old computer games lying around, then it might be worth checking to see if they are worth anything by searching for them on Amazon.

When selling games, it is important to take good-quality photos so that potential buyers can see what they are buying. It is also a good idea to write detailed descriptions of the condition of the game and any included required accessories.

Another option is to focus on selling game accessories such as controllers or memory cards. These are often low-priced items that can still fetch a good profit if you can attain a high level of sales. Again, accessories for retro consoles can be particularly profitable.

4. Clothes and Shoes

Amazon has long been a popular place to buy clothes and shoes. In recent years, they have even launched their own line of clothing under the Amazon Essentials label. Remember that when selling clothes and shoes, it is important to focus on high-quality items because people are often hesitant to buy clothes and shoes online because they cannot try them on first.

There are many opportunities when it comes to clothes sales on Amazon. For example, you could focus on selling vintage clothing or designer labels. Alternatively, you could focus on selling children’s clothes or plus-size clothing where there is a more niche market but where there is still high demand.

When selling clothes on Amazon, it is important to take good-quality photos that show the item in detail. You should also write accurate descriptions of the size, colour, and condition of the clothing. If you are selling used clothing, then it is also a good idea to mention any flaws or defects in the listing or you could face a lot of items being returned.



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