What are business writing skills?

Cameron Fleming | 29 April 2021 | 3 years ago

What are business writing skills?

As a business owner or employee, a significant part of your time is usually taken up with writing proposals to clients, writing memos, emails or reports for boards of directors.

To achieve the maximum impact from your work, you need to develop and improve your writing. This will make your output easier to read and will make it stand out.

Business writing skills improvement techniques

If you are already under pressure at work, the thought of “studying” could make you blow a fuse.  However, the irony is that having the skills to create interesting, succinct, and clear sentences will propel your sales and differentiate your brand. Your workload could ultimately decrease.

Great ideas are only great when heard and understood by others. Not being able to do this is the death of many a good idea.

Effective writing is a skill or talent that people are rarely born with. Fortunately, it is one that you can cultivate as an autodidact and through consistent practice. We propose the following approach to improved skills:

Attentive reading

This is the simplest and most effective way to improving your skills! As you read business books, you will see the grammar, style, and sentence structure. You will see how arguments are built and will cultivate new thought processes.

Observe these elements of what you read:

  • New words and phrases that you haven’t used
  • The usage of punctuation marks
  • The writing style, e.g. contradictions, repetition, conclusion types.
Make notes and collate all your notes in one source, under relevant headings.

Visualise your reader

Focus on who you are writing to before writing the message. Whether it’s a report, email, or another business document, consider what the reader is expecting and ask these questions:

  • Who am I writing for?
  • Is the reader familiar with the words / technical phrases I’m using?
  • What is my goal? Persuasion, thought leadership, or entertainment?
Answering these questions will clarify the vision of how you need to write.

Start a blog

Practice makes perfect, and preparation brings good luck. Good writing comes with 2 – 3 pages a day continuously.

Starting a blog is a long term writing motivator. You can write your business, a hobby, or a passion project. You need the following to start a blog:

  • An online content management system, e.g. Blogger, WordPress, Wix, etc
  • Establish a forecast content calendar of how many articles you will publish per month.
  • Research blog topic ideas.
  • Review the feedback and learn from mistakes.


There are a plethora of websites and tools to assist with business communication productivity and performance. Take advantage of the relevant ones, such as:

  • Readability reviewers
  • Tone analysers
  • Grammar checkers
  • Jargon graders
  • Dictionaries and thesaurus
Technological tools help with the difficult task of estimating your writing quality, in addition to checking for grammatical, punctuation, and vocabulary errors.

Be direct

One of the biggest blunders that business writers make is switching focus in the middle section of the writing. Present your main idea clearly, back it up, and then expound on it in the body section. Long proposals or documents don’t need a turgid first page. Conciseness is always the better choice.

Jargon risks

Acronyms, buzzwords, and tech-speak proliferate in the business world. Whilst sometimes unavoidable, they may indicate cluttered thinking or a lack of effort to “translate” for an audience. Jargon seldom adds value, so focus on being succinct and clear.

Read what you write

Read what you write and check if your points are well-structured and clear. Read it aloud to find flaws such as a lack of flow, inconsistent or confused arguments, and overly long-winded paragraphs.

It can be beneficial to ask a colleague, or trusted associate, to read your work if the document is important enough to warrant it. Of course, you could ask them to review unimportant documents, so an important one needs less redoing. Be open to the feedback given by them, it’s free and honest, and if chosen carefully, they represent your target audience. Do this often, and it will be one of the best ways that will help you improve your skill.

Daily writing

Writing is a skill, and like all other skills, such as riding a bicycle or flying a plane, it is improved through practice, focus, and consistency.

Reading well-written articles needs to be a daily commitment. Observe the words, the strength of opinions, the representation of different points of view, sentence lengths, and the amount of attention spent on different subtopics.

Then when you sit down to write, pay attention to the words you choose, the structure, and the flow. See if there are lessons you have learnt from your reading that day that might be applicable.

Once you have written your piece, take the time for careful proofreading and editing after writing. Tip: editing is done first, then proofreading.

Develop your skills

Developing yourself takes planning. Developing your writing takes planning. Plan what you will write about, focus on keeping your sentences short and direct. Refer to your ‘notes library’ frequently.

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