Entrepreneurship · 17 May 2021

The best habits for business owners

The best habits for business owners

There are many articles and books out there which talk about the best habits to follow to be successful, or ‘do this’ to be successful and you’re certain you are following all those guidelines. But what if your roadblock is something you need to stop rather than something you need to do?

Here is an overview of some bad habits that can be speed bumps in your road to success. Being able to identify behaviours that might be making you a bad leader will amplify the positive leadership skills you do have, which will enhance your leadership exponentially.

One of your top goals should be to eliminate bad habits, making yourself more functional, decisive, and insightful. Several behaviours are found frequently in leaders that thwart their potential to be great.

Removing bad habits, enhancing good habits, hard work, and commitment is a strong recipe for a great leader. Here are the top habits which are best stopped:

The best habits for a business owner to stop

Inflating one’s rank and importance

A common mistake of Gen X but seen less in Millennials and, again, even less in the upcoming Gen Z. With huge and intense pressure on us daily to succeed and be successful, even the best of us can fall foul of good leadership by exaggerating or over-emphasising our “power” over our team.

If you want a hard-working team striving for your goals, inspire them to work with you and not for you. Avoid a “them and me” attitude.

Mastering everything at once

To be successful, you need to know your personal SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats). The old school approach used to be that we tried to improve our weaknesses. Luckily attitudes have changed to outsourcing or delegating.

Do not waste time and energy trying to be a Jack-Of-All-Trades (and master of none).  Working hours are finite, and you can only run so fast on the hamster wheel.

Focus on what you’re good at, and become a superhero at it. For the rest: delegate or outsource.

Not moving on

As a human or any animal for that matter, we all make mistakes. It is guaranteed. We even repeat mistakes. Don’t wallow in defeat; move on, or you won’t achieve everything.

Business is competitive and tough, and this makes success that much sweeter.

Most success stories come after multiple failures. Tenacity, great learnings and forward movement will bring you closer to your goals.

Not being authentic

There are a lot of inspiring business greats with courageous stories and innovative minds. We should be inspired but not attempt to be clones.

Each business and person is unique – there’s no magic formula.

Examine your own personality, determine and stick to your own ideals and create a unique business persona that can stand the test of time. #beauthentic

Forming a clan of ‘yes’ minions

Avoid aggregating unctuous flatterers instead of skilled workers. Nurture people who challenge you and accept feedback from diverse people. Different points of view are essential for holistic, creative solutions to business problems. You cannot achieve real success as an island.

Now that you know which bad habits to look out for let’s look at some of the good things that you can now add to your repertoire. Don’t avoid stopping the bad habits, though, even if it is challenging. You can do it; you’re tough – you’re an entrepreneur.

The best habits for a business owner to start

Success starts with you. Everything you achieve is because of what you thought, did and said.

So it follows that if you are thinking, doing and saying success-aligned things, you will be successful.

Here are the best habits to start doing to become more successful:

Visualise your success

Form a picture in your head of where you want to be in the future. Make it a very detailed picture, down to the finest detail – that’s your visualisation.

Successful people focus on the vision of what their success will look like. They constantly “look” at it, aim for it and work towards it.

Unsuccessful people think about what they don’t have, what is unattainable and what they might fail at #visualisesuccess

See it, believe in it and be the master of your own success.

Be 100% committed

Successful people are relentless in their commitment to achieving what they really want in their life. Do you sacrifice time, energy and social engagements to achieve what you want in your life?  Success is not by chance; it is always founded in hard work, tenacity and sacrifices.

Enjoy being out of your comfort zone

Change scares a lot of people because it is a time of uncertainty and risk. Top achievers thrive in change; they seek change as it brings opportunities. They seek risk for the same reason. They sometimes fail, but when a risk pays off, the reward is great.

Choose productivity over activity

Chasing your tail might make you look busy, but we all know it’s pointless. Chasing an opportunity, on the other hand, pays off.

Actively seek opportunities versus ‘things to do’ and convert them into success.

Analyse yourself and find out how you work best and leverage that. Prioritise, delegate, outsource.

Don’t expect praise or sympathy for working hard. Expect praise and respect when you succeed. #productivityvsactivity

Follow the passion

This can’t be said enough times. It is vitally important. Doing what you are not passionate about will set you up for a miserable time and very little chance of success long term.

Without passion, you will be a master of procrastination and the king of half-heartedness. Then you will quit or fail.

Focus is your friend



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