Best Business Ideas That You Can Expect To Make Money Right Away

Cameron Fleming | 14 July 2022 | 2 years ago

businesses that make money right away

The world is full of many get-rich-quick schemes that overpromise and underdeliver. While many of the schemes are far from guaranteed money makers, there are some genuine businesses that make money right away. The trick is to identify the right business and make sure you gain all the skills and experience you need to be successful

This guide will show you how to start an immediately profitable business. There is a wide range of options available, regardless of your education level or skillset. There are businesses that require technical skills and others that require your creativity and sales skills. Some of the businesses are obvious and some may surprise you. Let’s explore your options.


If you excel at languages, maths or another academic subject or you have expertise in a specific field, becoming a tutor is an excellent business for making consistent money quickly. Due to Covid, many parents and students realized they can take lessons online, so you can tutor from the comfort of your own home. There are many websites available to connect you with clients around the world, such as tutor.com, preply.com, and tutorme.com, just to name a few.

Many tutors combine working online with in-person lessons and there are even websites such as cambly.com that don’t require any degrees or certificates. These are simply chatting websites where foreign clients just want to practise conversation with native speakers. The chatting websites usually pay a lower rate but you can set your own hours. Many tutors use these websites to supplement their income when they have available time on their schedules. Becoming a tutor is a fantastic option for a business that makes money fast!

Digital Assistant

Are you organised, efficient, and confident in your abilities to multitask in various fast-paced situations with clients? Perhaps starting a business as a digital assistant is the right path for you to make money fast. In the modern digital age, particularly after the pandemic, many companies have realised the dynamics of work culture have changed. There is no longer a need to have an assistant who is physically in the office because all of their tasks can now be done remotely. 

There are many websites, such as upwork.com, zirtual.com, and remote.com that can connect you with clients. These websites give you the requirements and tasks of each client so you can choose the best fit for your skillset. Pay attention to the location requirements, as some clients require you to be in their country or even the same time zone. You can have as many clients as you want and so becoming a digital assistant is another attractive option to start earning now.
CV writer

CV Writer

It may surprise you but writing and editing CVs for people has become a big business. Businesses receive hundreds or thousands of job applications every day and having a good resume is one of the most effective ways to stand out amongst the crowd. Many people may have good work experience but they don’t prepare their resume in a manner that is eye-catching to the employer. That’s where you come in.

If you have a computer and a good understanding of how to craft an amazing resume, starting a business is really easy. There are many websites available to improve your resume writing skills with free templates and tutorials. There are also websites that will connect you with potential clients, such as upwork.com and writerbay.com. Building up your reputation quickly and getting consistent work will be no problem for you if you are dedicated and provide a quality service.


Perhaps you love photography as a hobby but you never thought it would be possible to turn it into a career. Becoming a professional photographer might seem daunting, but with a camera, computer, and decent editing software, you have everything you need to start a successful business. 

You don’t even need to invest in the top-of-the-line gear at first to start making money. If you are on a tight budget, take a look on Facebook Marketplace or eBay for used cameras, lenses and other equipment. You can find excellent deals for barely used equipment that will be more than enough for you to start your photography business. There are many websites that offer free photo editing software so you won’t need to buy expensive software. 

You can market yourself as a photographer for weddings, business events, sporting events, family photos or even as a photo retouching service. Build your portfolio quickly and take advantage of posting on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote your photography business and start making money right away.

handyman handywoman


Maybe you are the type of person that doesn’t want to sit at a computer to work all day. You like to use your hands, solve problems, and help others. Your neighbours come to you to borrow your tools or ask you for advice on how to fix their leaky sink. Well, why not turn your knowledge into a money-making machine? How many times have you heard a friend or family member say, “I just can’t find a reliable handyman”?

If you have the tools and know-how, you can create a consistent client list quickly. A good handyman is hard to come by and if you are solid and reliable with a wide skillset, you can build up your customer base in no time at all. In this line of work, referrals are king. Do a great job fixing one customer’s problem and they will definitely recommend you to their friends when they ask, “Do you have any idea where I can find a good handyman.” Market your services on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Angie’s List, or Homeadvisor.com to help build your client list and start raking in the money.

Freelance Writing

Consider yourself to be a pretty good wordsmith? Own a computer and reliable Internet? If you answered yes to those questions, starting a freelance writing business might be an excellent option for you to start earning consistent money fast. There are many options in the world of freelance writing. You can narrow it down to what you think you are strongest at, or you can take on multiple disciplines. Let’s look at the options for starting a career as a freelance writer:

Content writing is in very high demand. Many websites are looking for freelance writers to create content such as blog posts, informative articles about products and services and even product reviews. While you can find plenty of freelance content writing jobs online, it’s also worth connecting with local businesses to help them write content for their business websites or advertising campaigns. This is an excellent way to get referrals and become the go-to writer in your area. Combine local referrals and using websites like Fiverr and Upwork.com to find online writing clients and you will be well on your way to making consistent money fast.

Translation Services

Can you speak more than one language fluently? Accurate translation is a very valuable business to start in our modern world. People from all parts of the world are working together, making business transactions, expanding into foreign markets and connecting with clients and partners abroad. Starting a translation service business is extremely valuable and clients are willing to pay high fees for your translations.

You may be asked to translate business documents, legal documents and website content. Alternatively, you can offer in-person translation services as many businesses hire translators to assist them when foreign customers arrive in their countries to negotiate contracts. Starting a translation business can be particularly if you live in a big city with a large number of international companies. As you start to progress, you can hire staff who speak other languages that you are not familiar with to expand your business to a wider customer base. Build your reputation as a reliable translation service and you will have plenty of work for which you can charge a premium fee.  

handmade products business

Handmade Products Business

Starting a business making custom jewellery, soap and other products is a great idea with more and more customers looking for items that are unique and special. If you are a creative person with patience and attention to detail, this could be the ideal business for you. The overheads for starting this type of business are low and there are hundreds of tutorials on Youtube that will help you improve your skills. Many towns and cities have art fairs or farmer’s markets where you can sell your products and you can also set up an online store on websites like Etsy or Facebook Marketplace.

Event Planner

Planning an event, big or small, is no easy task and businesses will pay top dollar to find a great event planner. No formal education is required, you will need to be motivated, highly organised and an excellent communicator to ensure your events are smooth and successful. Event planning can be stressful but highly rewarding when your event is a hit. There are hundreds of different events in every area of the UK each year such as birthday parties, bat mitzvahs, weddings, funerals, and corporate events which are all potentially highly profitable.

Event planning is another great referral business. Successfully manage your first few events and your reputation as the best planner in your area will soon spread. A good event planner is difficult to find so if your reputation precedes itself, you will have customers lining up in no time to hire you. Also, the event planning business is excellent for repeat customers so do your job well and the customer will almost certainly call you to manage their next event.

Website Design Business

If you have the skillset to design and manage websites, this is another great business to start making money fast. With your website design business, you will be able to find clients not only online, but also locally. Many small businesses have no idea how to create an effective website so if you can become the go-to person for website design it can be extremely lucrative. 

Obviously, this type of business requires a higher level of technical knowledge but there are many tutorials available to teach you the necessary skills. There are also websites such as Squarespace.com that provide hundreds of templates for you to use for your clients.

Again, referrals are often the best way to make consistent money fast and many businesses will keep you on a monthly retainer to manage their website. If they own a small business or restaurant and just need a website that looks good and has some basic functionalities, you can look like a master web design agency without spending years learning how to build the websites from the ground up.

make up artist

Make-up Artist

Starting a business as a make-up artist is an outstanding way to start making money extremely fast. Customers will pay top dollar to glam them up for a special event. Weddings, proms and formal business events all have premium clients that will not hesitate to spend money on looking great. Many events will even book you to do makeup for multiple clients on the same day. This is great for you as you don’t have to travel from place to place and you can fill your entire schedule for the day. Once again, this is an excellent referral business and if you build your reputation as the best make-up artist in your town or city, word will spread fast and your calendar will be full.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you feel more confident about choosing businesses that make money right away after reading this guide. Regardless of your education or skillset, there are many different options for you to start making money fast with little to no upfront money or overheads required. Don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated at the thought of starting a business. It’s not easy to start something from scratch, but with a lot of dedication and hard work, you will be well on your way to a successful career.

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