Best UK podcasts & YouTubers for business owners

Cameron Fleming | 5 August 2021 | 3 years ago

Best UK podcasts & YouTubers for business owners

As an entrepreneur, it is highly unlikely that you are not already leveraging the internet for autodidact opportunities. To continually grow and innovate yourself and your business requires continual business mind development.

Podcasts and YouTube content are excellent learning channels. There are a plethora of experts to share insights via advice, stories, research, or practical tips. But which one to choose from the 850, 000 podcasts and 37 million YouTube channels?

We have collated some insightful podcasts for UK business owners, marketers and start-ups as well as a selection of YouTube channels. Podcasts are our preferred choice as they are data-light without the distraction of visuals, so we have listed them first.

Best UK podcasts for business owners

  1. Changeability

Kathryn Bryant and Julian Illman give practical ways to improve your business via manageable steps. They have a very humanistic approach, and, besides strategy and making money, they talk about feelings, managing your mind and psychology.

It’s more inclusive, and that makes it attractive to entrepreneurs. It focuses on the person and our impact on the company, colleagues or employees. It talks about ‘accountability’ for actions and unconscious mindsets. It is a contemporary, aware approach to business attitudes.

  1. Youpreneur.FM

You will learn the perspective of a 21st C entrepreneur. If you are on the journey of developing your personal brand, then this one’s for you. Chris Ducker has a proven track record of business (plus being an author, public speaker, business coach and blogger). He has regular guest speakers and experts in their individual fields.

  1. FT Start-Up tories

Jonathan Moules is from the Financial Times and has started this podcast to help entrepreneurs with advice from experts who have been through it previously.

Jonathan discusses concept, funding, hiring, setting the right price, and the importance of social media.

  1. Internet Marketing

This is the UK’s most popular internet marketing podcast, downloaded by approximately half a million people, giving strategic DIY marketing advice to internet marketers or small start-up businesses. You can learn about available practical tools and successful strategies.

  1. Peter Day’s World of Business

This is an official BBC Radio podcast. Peter Day discusses the UK and global business. Expect discussions on green credentials, executive PAs, tips on long-lasting companies and the world of Vloggers. There is a combination of music, interviews, audio clips and expert insight.

  1. Soulful PR 

With a five-star rating on iTunes, award-winning Guardian journalist, has been building her following for 5 years. You will hear brilliant advice on PR, marketing and social media for business growth. Traditional PR is also covered, and there are loads of innovative, contemporary techniques. Expect interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs to hear their business stories and marketing strategies.

Happy listening to all these fascinating podcasts!  You might, however, be more of a visual person and would prefer YouTube options for business advice. Below is our selection for you.

Best YouTube accounts for business owners

YouTube has millions of inspiring answers to business questions from channels that focus on entrepreneurs. From marketing tips for DIY or outsourced marketing to practical step-by-step guides on how to run a business. Here is our shortlist to help both you and your business grow:

  1. Crunch Accounting

As suggested in the name, this is finance focussed. Crunch helps entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers learn how to manage their ever-important finances better, covering everything from IR35 to claiming expenses. Finance is not everyone’s favourite topic, but it is every business’s lifeblood.

  1. The Startup Van

We all hit patches when we lack motivation, focus, and creativity. The Startup Van features inspiring chats with the entrepreneurs behind WiseAlpha, HeadBox, and Freetrade or Thomas Skinner from The Apprentice.  Expect Inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

  1. Skillshare

The phrase ‘jack of all trades’ is not new to small business owners. As you whip different hats on and off all day in your business, you might find some hats are a bit shaky.

This podcast addresses learning new skills and personal development. E-Learning platform Skillshare’s YouTube channel is a huge resource of hundreds of free lessons on anything from pitching to product photography and graphic design. They have a well-curated business playlist!

  1. Shopify

After a long day or a heavy month-end, you may not want a strategy wrangling podcast. This podcast is light entertainment within a business advice arena.

Shopify’s YouTube channel is packed with advice-filled stories on overcoming business adversity in business and making money in the digital era.

Be warned: you might want to binge-watch the Guess My Hustle playlist.

  1. Creative Mornings

Has your brain leaked all its inspiration onto the floor? Well, here is an eyeful of inspiration. Creative Mornings is a Ted Talk-style series for creatives. Expect inspiring talks from the likes of Seth Godin, Simon Sinek and Mike Monteiro. It’s a great emergency, visual-intravenous dose of creative inspiration.

  1. Robin Sharma

Robin is renowned for his leadership and business advice. Whether you’re an old hand at business or adding your first employee, you sometimes need leadership support.

Expect discussions on the A-Z of being a leader, killing procrastination and overcoming a big threat to entrepreneurs: self-doubt.

  1. Fast Company

Nowadays, it feels like every year is moving faster and faster.  In addition to that, the pace of life and business is speeding up. With that comes an even faster rate of change.

The business environment is not guaranteed; it comes with unpredictability. Fast Company looks at innovation, disruption, new technology and new ways of doing business. It helps its viewers keep up with technology and innovation.

Expect interviews with some of the biggest names in business, a look at current topical subjects and news headlines, as well as videos on improving work efficiencies which links back nicely to the technological slant of the channel.

  1. This Week In Startups

It sounds like a quiz show but what you find instead is out-of-the-box thinking. Again, whether you are an old hand at business or are taking on your first employee, this podcast recognises that the biggest advantage of small businesses and startups is their agility. Expect inspiration from the founders of rapidly scaling, agile startups.

  1. Small Business Toolbox

If you have been working in the corporate world, you will have become accustomed to the comfort of a salary plopping into your bank account every month. When pondering the decision to ditch the ‘security’ (false sense of security) of a salary and launch into the world of entrepreneurship, it can give you some sleepless nights. Wondering whether you are doing the right thing will linger even after you have started your new business. Read our article “What kind of business can I start with zero investment” [insert article hyperlink] for some easy entry entrepreneurial businesses.

Small Business Toolbox’s Andy Mac is not a C.F.O. (chief financial officer) nor an accountant, nor is he a solicitor. He is more than that. He is an old hand at being self-employed – been there, done that, got the YouTube channel. His channel covers a plethora of pressing questions asked by UK entrepreneurs, from admin to inspiration.

  1. Marie Forleo

If you have not heard of the book “Everything is Figureoutable” then please make an effort to find it and read it. This #1 New York Times Bestseller was written by Marie Forleo and she brings her wealth of knowledge and resources to you via her YouTube channel.

She gives great advice to help you think smarter, develop successful habits, and learn new skills. And she is walking the talk: now listed under Inc’s 500 fastest growing companies, Marie creates online training programs that allow people to turn their dreams into profitable realities and generational legacies.

Her channel includes playlists such as ‘Smart Advice for Sticky Situations’ and ‘Critical Advice for Artists & Creative Entrepreneurs’.

Expect creative & positive business advice.

With all these listening and watching options, you are now spoilt for choice. Here’s to months of inspiration!

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