Work and Wellbeing

With staff representing the most important investment most companies ? large or small ? make, the health and wellbeing of these employees is paramount. Taking a proactive approach to health and wellbeing not only enables a small business to get the best out of its employees, but also helps with key issues such as recruitment, retention and absenteeism. Our Work and Wellbeing hub brings together expert advice with shared experiences from small business owners who have put their employees front and centre.

How to handle bullying in your office

"It's common for people in positions of high power to have narcissistic, sociopathic or psychopathic traits to create a mask that hides their underlying 'shadow' of insecurities," says one of the UK's leading psychologists, Nick Davies.?This may be the reason why so many people working in offices around the country today experience bullying that is arguably worse than anything ever experienced in the schoolyard. Testimonials from?TopCV have revealed the real issues employees face within the work environment.?? more»

What is workplace stress and how to stop it

The ?eight till late? culture that permeates Britain has employees experiencing new levels of stress. More than two-fifths of British workers say they regularly lose sleep as a result of workplace demands. But why is it that we live in a society that promotes an unhealthy attitude towards work? Why do we celebrate employees who stretch beyond their limits, answer calls outside of office hours and respond to emails on the weekends? more»

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