Work and Wellbeing

With staff representing the most important investment most companies ? large or small ? make, the health and wellbeing of these employees is paramount. Taking a proactive approach to health and wellbeing not only enables a small business to get the best out of its employees, but also helps with key issues such as recruitment, retention and absenteeism. Our Work and Wellbeing hub brings together expert advice with shared experiences from small business owners who have put their employees front and centre.

How to drive productivity through cloud communications

Attracting skilled workers is a key focus of any business looking to expand its talent pool and accelerate growth and revenue. However, attracting talent is easier said than done, with organisations needing to tout their benefits in the hopes of gaining a competitive edge in the recruitment market. more»

stress eating

5 ways to stop stress eating in the office

Occasional stress can be surprisingly beneficial for us. By stimulating our fight or flight? response, the released epinephrine hormone can help us work more efficiently. However, it's no secret that too much stress is bad for us. According to ayouGovpoll, three-quarters of people have been overwhelmed and unable to cope? as a result of stress. And it's taking its toll on the UK workforce, which loses£15.4 million working daysa year due to this issue. I'm sure many are aware that stress can also lead to over-eating. The primary stress hormone, Cortisol, is linked toincreased hunger. In the run-up tonational Stress Awareness Day, what can you as employers do to reduce stress-eating? more»

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