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Lightbulb moments don't always take-off

10 Pitfalls Inventors Face and How to Avoid Them

Not every great idea makes it to the world stage. It could be outpaced by competitive solutions, not utilised to best advantage or even never get off the ground in the first place. Georg Roth, co-founder and director at Sciony Limited, sums up the 10 most common pitfalls inventors face. more»

better entrepreneur

How to become a better entrepreneur this year

In 2018, the number of new businesses registered dropped for the first time in eighteen years. With disconcerting statistics circulating the web as to the growing number of start-ups that quickly fail, it is easy to understand why fewer people are taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. more»


Five admin and mindset hacks for success

When building and developing a business it's vital to work towards a clear set of goals to provide direction, motivation and a measure of success. However, entrepreneurship is often a lonely road where it's commonplace for individuals to struggle not with why? they want to create their own version of success, but with how. more»

Legal advice: Better than online legal templates

A legal checklist for launching a business

Becoming your own boss will no doubt feel rewarding at times. However, to get it off the ground is not always easy. There are many things a new business will need to consider and plan before launching. As a business owner and lawyer, I'll reflect on those issues. more»

Coming up with great ideas

10 steps to sparking your best ideas

If there is one question that is guaranteed to come up in conversations on creativity, it is Where do you have your best ideas Having asked that question to thousands of people over the years, I can say that topping the Inspirational Moments? chart is taking a shower, swiftly followed by walking the dog, lying in bed, travelling and running or cycling. more»

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