The employer’s guide to employment contracts

Business Advice recently teamed up with HR and employment law consultancy Peninsula to create a short series on a range of HR-related issues. This second article seeks to answer any questions you, as an SME employer, might have on employment contracts. more»

spying on staff

Monitoring employees: Lessons from Facebook

Last month, Facebook backtracked on using facial recognition technology to automatically detect the faces of its users after a US court deemed the software an invasion of “private affairs and concrete interests”. The software sent “tag suggestions” to users if their faces appeared in recently uploaded photographs, whether or not they had been tagged in them. more»


4 steps to making a successful first hire

It's a great feeling when you've grown your startup to the extent where you can afford to hire another employee. But the effect of a good or bad hire can be felt all the more in a small business. So it's important that you make the right decision the first time. more»