Business development

From a sales strategy to digital marketing, our Business Development section showcases the latest from the front line of trends proven to take your small business to the next level. It charts the journey from fleshing out that initial business plan right the way through to planning for exit and looking back on a successful entrepreneurial journey.

7 Steps to Referrals That Could Change Your Life

Direct referrals are an excellent resource for any SME, especially if they come alongside a highly complimentary recommendation. The endorsement from previous customers or partners or fellow industry experts often translates into solid business opportunities for you, but how do you go about securing those referrals in the first place? Here is a 7 step guide that might just change your mindset and your strategy.  more»

kim kardashian

What Can We Learn From Kim Kardashian’s Ultimate Rebrand?

From reality TV drama queen to slick business owner and human rights lawyer in the making, Kim Kardashian has remodelled her public image so successfully that we sometimes forget her roots and how she shot to fame in the first place. Whether for your personal brand or for your business, here’s five lessons we can take from Kim Kardashian’s rebrand. more»

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