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Is video the missing tool in your digital communication arsenal?

Businesses have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years when it comes to the technology tools they use to communicate. However, in order to enable a fully integrated workforce, businesses need to continually grow the digital communication tools they use.?

There are a variety of tools that can help you efficiently manage your workflow and get your message across – in fact, you?re probably already using a few to help boost productivity and engagement. But oftentimes, it?s still not enough. So what?s missing?

The key to better digital communication is fully immersive experiences that allow business leaders to be central to their messages, interact with their content, and give their ideas a truly personal touch.

Video is crucial to this, as it?s quickly becoming a key trend in this specific area of ?the future of work?. So much so, that?over three-quarters?of the world?s internet traffic is video, with further research showing that 71 per cent of UK office workers are either presenting, watching, or creating video communications at work.

The role of engagement in the state of productivity

It?s no surprise that productivity is a huge business challenge that many organisations are trying to combat. Looking at the UK specifically, the UK?s productivity only grew?by 0.3 per cent in the past 10 years?- the worst decade for productivity since the 1800s. The rise in remote and flexible working is great for work-life balance, but it can also lead to a reduction in workforce engagement as it becomes harder to maintain the human connection from afar. This can gravely affect productivity, as workers can become easily distracted.

It can also be easy to measure productivity in a misguided way. For example, it?s a common misconception that the busier someone?s schedule is, the more productive they must be when in reality, some meetings can end up being a waste of time.

Video can help teams save time as colleagues can share a quick, engaging message via a recorded video. This allows team members to watch the video on their own schedules rather than disrupting the flow of work by hauling them in and out of meetings.

Plus, with video, you still get to keep the human connection, which is an important part of any job. Research shows that 66 per cent of UK office workers say that a human connection is vital when sharing work content on conference calls.

Digital tools have no doubt revolutionised the way we communicate and have the ability to connect teams across the globe, but the data tells us that we are often lacking the human connection to develop and maintain these strong relationships. This connection is not only crucial for driving engagement across the business as a whole, but it also makes remote workers feel like they?re part of the team rather than just an audience member.

Keeping the connection

With this in mind, the immersive video holds the key to keeping employees connected across teams and geographies. One of the biggest issues with most video solutions today is that they make the presenter choose between showing themselves on the screen or their content.

This is a less-than-ideal solution for both the presenter and the person on the other end. As a result, companies sometimes resort to sending employees on costly business trips to try and keep engagement strong between colleagues and clients.

Video solutions?that offer a way to show content alongside the presenter can be a lifeline for those looking to remediate this issue. This type of technology was only once available to those who were trained in complicated video editing tools or those who owned expensive green screens ? a luxury not often afforded to growing businesses. But now, creating truly engaging videos ? whether through live streaming or recording ? is easy, quick, and affordable.

Set yourself up for success

With businesses under pressure to improve productivity on an ongoing basis, it?s clear to see that video can pave the way to success. Immersive video tools are an essential addition to your digital communication arsenal to drive better engagement across your entire organisation.

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Stefanie Grossman is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Prezi.

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