Business development · 10 May 2021

Using a Business Club as a Networking Asset

business club networking

Sometimes networking can be a little fruitless.

Online platforms that promote networking and growing a professional community can feel aimed more towards jobseekers and graduates. Many of the connections made on websites are often sent between individuals with very little in common or simply to add another number to a profile. It can be difficult to build meaningful links to people in specific industries.

A recurring problem for a lot of people on networking platforms is knowing where or how to find the industries and people they need as part of their network. For small business owners, finding like-minded entrepreneurs that share their backgrounds and experiences is not easy on worldwide sites where connections are made simple but rarely lead to conversations or professional relationships.

Being part of a business club like Prosper2 could give you instant access to an established network of like-minded individuals who have unique knowledge in various markets that could end up being valuable contacts. Business clubs provide an environment for fellow business owners and investors to find people they not only relate to but can also learn from. A network of business owners is an excellent avenue to ask for advice, recommendations, or referrals. It gives you the opportunity to build connections that translate into real world results.

Networking specifically with other business owners provides your business with a lot of advantages and can lead to you establishing mutually beneficial relationships or joint ventures that you hadn’t considered before. Networking with other industry professionals can often reap the best rewards for your business as you potentially gain new contacts as clients or referrals. You may find a chance to outsource an element of your business you struggle to manage to a trusted and vetted business club connection.

The benefits for young entrepreneurs or new business owners are significant.

Having access to communicate with established industry experts gives them the opportunity to ask for feedback or advice. The business club facilitates opportunities for mentoring and seminars that can pass on valuable knowledge and training to someone who has started a new business journey.