Business development · 10 January 2020

Will you be as successful as Kris Jenner in 2020?

Success 2020

While she may be no stranger to controversy or criticism, Kris Jenner possesses the ultimate entrepreneurial spirit. In the late 1990s, she turned washed-up Olympic medalist Caitlyn Jenner (formally known as Bruce) into a motivational speaker a move which helped her and now ex-husband out of financial debt. Come 2008, she pitched the idea of a reality programme, sensationalising the melodrama of her family life.

Today she is worth an estimated $90million dollars, which was gained through risk-taking, self-promotion and of course taking a 20% cut from her children’s earnings. Are you inspired yet? Enlisting the help of Jordan Baker, CEO of Sanity Marketing, Business Advice has compiled the ultimate guide to see if you too are on track to make it big like momager Kris.

1. You feel out of your depth

No one goes into business knowing everything, and that’s ok. There will be timeswhen you feel like a total beginner, and that’s something that’s likely to keep happening throughout your entire career. Far from being a sign that you’re not good enough, it’s actually a reliable sign that you’re constantly learning and growing.

2. Your business is changing all the time

Success 2020

Change is a good, and inevitable, part of business. Even if your company looks different to how you mightve expected it to when you first began, it’s a result of the opportunities you’ve taken and the things that you’ve learned along the way. Gradual, ongoing changes lead to constant improvement. Even if you don’t feel like you’re growing as fast as you might like, consider where you were one year ago. If it’s markedly different to where you are now, you’re on the right track!

3. you’re excited to get to work every day

Success 2020



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