Business development 22 March 2017

Ten top free digital marketing tools for your startup

Keyword Planner

A part of the Google Adwords tool, Keyword Planner is a detailed keyword research tool and completely free to use. Keywords can be identified and sorted by traffic volume, competitiveness and it also provides recommended bid rates for paid marketing campaigns.

With its user-friendly platform, marketers can easily search for relevant ideas pertaining to keywords and long-tail phrases for their business niche. It provides multiple suggestions and variants of keywords as well as detailed data regarding their performance history.


Was one of the first programs to manage multiple social networking clients and integrate all social media platforms into a user-friendly, time-saving tool.

To this day, it remains one of the most popular marketing tools and is frequently used by startup founders, social media managers and digital marketers to streamline and execute well planned social media strategies.

There is a basic free version available which allows the management of up to three social media profiles or a monthly subscription can be purchased for full access. Hootsuite is an invaluable time saver and SEO analysis program.

Google Trends

Is a fantastic tool that is almost like a crystal ball that marketers can use to glimpse into the future. Startup founders need to keep a competitive advantage by understanding where their market is headed and how search is evolving.

Google Trends is a free tool that will show changes in search volumes for different keywords, phrases, and topics. Frequent use of this tool helps founders keep their content strategy current and fresh to stay one step ahead of the competition.


A complete website and mobile analytics tool, Hotjar is a powerful marketing platform designed specifically for webmasters and startup founders to study and understand traffic behavior to their websites.

Hotjar combines both feedback and analysis resources to give a detailed overview of how users interact with a web page and offer insights into how the user experience can be enhanced and optimised.

A favourite of many startup founders, analysts, and web developers, Hotjar is a great secret weapon for increasing conversion rates.?

Similar Web

An intelligent marketing tool that provides in-depth traffic and marketing insights for a website, marketers have access to a wealth of data and metrics with Similar Web. The dashboard provides a quick overview of websites ranking and overall reach as well as insights on user engagement.