Business development 22 March 2017

Ten top free digital marketing tools for your startup

It’s critical to be able to measure how well a new business website is performing
When launching a startup, search engine oprimisation (SEO) and online marketing tend to be a top priority. Here, founder at digital marketing agency Grizzly, Jamie Fitzhenry, reveals his ten best free digital marketing tools for new businesses.

It takes time and effort to build an online business, and being able to see how well your page is performing and ranking is critical.

Fortunately, there are many excellent free digital marketing tools and SEO appsavailable to give business owners a competitive edge in creating and maintaining a compelling marketing strategy.

Below are ten of the most preferred free digital marketing tools out there. Some are completely free of charge to use and others have a free version or a trial period. By harnessing the data from these tools, your startup will be on track to increase conversions and drive profitability.

SEM Rush

Hailed as one of the most comprehensive paid SEO tools on the market, SEM Rush provides detailed competitor keyword analysis and helps uncover the best opportunities to dominate your niche in search rankings.

It has robust capabilities for checking backlinks and website traffic details. SEM Rush is frequently voted as the best competition analysis program for digital marketers and startup founders. Although there is a monthly subscription free, users can try a free trial period before they sign up.


Content is king, as they say. Buzzsumo is a great tool and does have a free version available that helps startup founders find valuable and viral content that can help your business stand apart from the competition and engage customers with relevant and useful information.

Buzzsumo’s excellent and easy to use platform will search for a keyword or subject and display its current popularity and how frequently it has been shared on different platforms. By simply just inputting a long-tail keyword phrase into the search bar, you will have instant access to content that is trending.


Page load speed is an important factor for SEO as well as overall user experience. GTMetrix is a fantastic tool that allows digital marketers to examine their page load speed for their website as well as identify additional areas for improvement to continually optimise.

Although there are numerous other applications that are similar, GTMetrix is preferred due to its user-friendly platform and thorough analysis capabilities.


Moz is a robust suite of SEO marketing tools that provides a comprehensive overview of a website, detailed competitor analysis and offers improvement insights.