Business development 10 January 2019

5 ways to make your business website more customer friendly

The last thing you want to force your customers to do is scour your entire site for what they need
Have you ever gone to a business’s website in an effort to learn more about the company or to make a purchase, yet promptly navigated away from it because the site either loaded too slowly, was difficult to navigate, or was otherwise hard to use?

Not only is this frustrating, but having this type of website can also cost businesses cash. Case in point: in 2017, the average online cart abandonment rate was 78.65%, up from 77.24% the year before.

Now, go to your business’s website and ask yourself whether it could potentially be costingyou customers due to any of these types of issues. If your answer is a yes (or even a maybe), here are five things you can do to make your site more customer friendly.

Choose a good web host

The term web host? refers to a service provider that offers business owners a place to store their website’s content so it is visible online. The other alternative is to purchase your own server for keeping your data, which can be rather expensive.

But how do you know which web hosts are the best? has created a list of top web hosting services in the UK, with companies such as Webfusion, FastHosts, and 123-reg making the list. Check them out and see for yourself how easy they are to use, considering also whether the ones you’re interested in have the features you need.

For instance, if you want a website that enables your customers to make a purchase directly from your online store, you want to choose a web host that offers this capability via an easy-to-use process. The less frustration your customers have when buying from you, the more likely it is theyll come back and do it again.

Create an easy-to-understand menu

The last thing you want to do to your customers is make them search your entire site in an effort to locate whatever it is they went there to find. Instead, why not offer an easy-to-understand menu so they can clearly see how to locate the information they want? This begins with using intuitive labels for the various areas of your site.

For example, when coming up with the names of your tabs, instead of trying to be super creative by coming up with fun words and titles, think about the words people would likely use when searching for that portion of your site.

As an example, if your business website has a blog, naming that tab Blog? makes the information it contains much easier to recognize than naming that page Advice? or Our Thoughts.



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Register multiple domains

You can also make your website more customer friendly by having more than one domain lead back it. This is especially beneficial if your domain name is typically misspelled. In this case, purchasing the misspelled domain as well enables customers to find your site regardless.