Business development · 14 March 2017

Awareness of SEO remains low among small business owners

Five per cent of owners had no idea how SEO could benefit their business
Fewer than one in ten small business owners are fully aware of how search engine optimisation?(SEO)can be used to support their company’s online presence, new research has shown.

A survey, undertaken by online marketing firm Digimax, asked the owners of small firms for a definition of SEO, revealing that understanding of what itmeant and what it could achieve was largely limited.

The most popular response, from 42 per cent of respondents, was that SEO meant simply adding keywords related to the business into their website. This was followed by the 15 per cent who thought it meant making their website Google-friendly.

Achieving a higher ranking on Google was whatalmost a fifth of owners understood the purpose of SEO to be, while 12 per cent thought SEO meantadding regular content to a website.

Just eight per cent of small business owners were aware that SEO meant combining all the above into a whole strategy for search engine success.

Worryingly, five per cent had no idea what the term meant or how it could be used to bring more customers to their website.

Commenting on the findings, Shaz Memon, a director at Digimax, acknowledged that the definition of SEO had evolved in recent years, and offered advice for small business owners who had fallen behind.

your website shouldnt just include keywords although that is still important. It needs to be clear, concise, logically organised and user friendly. Sentences should be to the point and the content both original and easy to understand, Memon said.

Memon added that SEO now involved a high degree? of user experience and emphasised the importance of having a clear and concise content that was user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Despite the growing use of social media in marketing strategies, online searches still drive 300 per cent more website traffic than all social platforms combined, according to Digimax, representing over eight in ten of all B2B sales.

Memon concluded that the goal for business owners should be reaching the first results page.



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