Business development 14 September 2015

Are you ready to take advantage of regional web identity?

A new domain is a new identity and you need to treat it as such
A new domain is a new identity and you need to treat it as such
Simon Yeoman, the general manager of Fasthosts, provides a five-step guide forutilising regional domains as a new business, to make sure you benefit from SEO value.

Over the last year, regional identity has been growing in importance in online marketing circles. The release of new location based domain names like .london, .scot, .cymru, .wales and .irish represent the newest addition to the content marketing toolbox. The domains offer a new opportunity for individuals and smaller brands particularly, to establish or revitalise their web presence while highlighting their locality and benefitting from keyword relevancy.

When considering search engine optimisation (SEO) advice is simple. As an early-stage firm, create the best website you can and regularly update it with unique, quality content. Try to interact with influencers in your industry and encourage them to share the content you have created if you can do this, youll be sending very strong signals to search engines and when your site is crawled you will see a steady improvement in your position over time.

The advice is similar for an established web presence but with one strong caveat a new domain is a new identity and you need to treat it as such. If you want to benefit from SEO value you will need to create a new microsite not just a gateway page (a page stuffed with the keyword or domain name that you are trying to rank for) or you might even consider re-branding your existing site if you heed Google’s advice youll be able to minimise the risk to you current search engine position too. If you follow the guidebelow, youll offset any impact with best practice and have created an outstanding online presence.

Five steps to achieving online success with your new domain:

(1)make it personal

When choosing a domain name, you should try to pick one that describes your services or products perfectly. If you own a grocery shop in London then could be a great domain for you. However, if you own a grocery business in Newcastle then it would just confuse the people who visit your website. You can reinforce your brand further by using the same domain in a professional sounding personalised email address too.

(2)be proud of your location

Using a new location-based domain will highlight your connection and affinity with your locality but it also lets you draw on its reputation. So, if you teach at an Irish dancing club and want to take advantage of Ireland’s energy and culture,, could be the ideal choice. It is commonplace for consumers to support local businesses so why not let them know where you’re based using a relevant domain and show that you’re proud of your roots?

(3)choose a memorable domain

With the influx of new domains there are plenty of opportunities to find onethat can help you rival enterprise-sized companies without being restricted by the limited options remaining with established extensions like and .com. Try to pick a domain that is short, to the point and above all, memorable. You want your customers to come back, so it helps to make it as easy as possible for them.

(4)get found easily online


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