Business development · 6 July 2018

Why did these independent agencies support Pride in London cost-free?

Pride in London, 2017
Backing a large part of Pride in London’s digital footprint this year has been two independent media agencies who have created and developed content for the cause for free.

These two London-based companies have decided to donate their employees time and effort to cause close to their heart, in efforts to support LGBT+ members of staff and the wider community.

It’s not all about the price tag, take a leaf out of BMB’s book, the advertising agency who created the campaign video Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Red Badger’s, the digital consultancy who developed the official Pride in London app.

These businesses volunteered countless hours and worked pro-bono due to their social impact attitudes. Not only does this show candour, it sends out a message to the public that they are an ethical company, which could influence clientele to choose them in the future.

Working pro-bono can help build a positive reputation, which in a world where other opinion’s matter to consumers this can only be good for business.


BMB is an advertising agency which was launched in 2005 as an independent agency by Trevor Beattie, Andrew McGuinness and Bill Bungay.

The gains made by our country’s LGBT+ communities are contrasted with the issues that must still be tackled in a new advertising campaign created by BMB for Pride in London.

At the heart of the campaign is a two-minute film that serves to highlight the array of challenges this diverse community still faces. The issues were uncovered through insight gathered from over 2, 000 people in the LGBT+ community by Pride in London and YouGov earlier this year.

Commenting on this, is from Richard Wilcock, Business Director at BMB: Pride is a movement with an extraordinary past, but many in the LGBTQ+ community in London have felt that it has lost some of its meaning and bite. We wanted to help Pride in London reassert its radical purpose and importance. Marketing is currently full of waffle about brand purpose, here was a brand that walked the talk and did work that really mattered.

As an agency that strives to be actively inclusive and supportive of its team members in the LGBTQ+ community we felt it our duty to apply the best of our creativity to celebrate the best and bravest amongst us.

Red Badger

Founded in 2010, Red Badger is a consultancy focused on the digital transformation of large companies through innovation and delivery expertise.

Commenting on why Red Badger took on the Pride in London pro-bono project, LanI Shamash, Delivery Lead said: At Red Badger, were really focused on making the technology industry more socially conscious and inclusive.



Carly Hacon is a reporter for Business Advice. She has a BA in journalism from Kingston University, and has previously worked as a features editor for a local newspaper.