Business development · 20 October 2017

Why branded litter on the high street is leaving a bad taste for consumers

Research has found that seeing an item as litter can reduce a consumers willingness to buy that brand
Research has found that seeing an item as litter can reduce a consumer’s willingness to buy that brand
The vast majority of UK consumers look upon a business negatively if they have witnessed its products discarded onto public streets, according to new findings uncovering the worrying reputational impact of branded litter.

E-cigarette retailer polled over 1, 200british shoppers to find out what kind of effect seeing branded products littered had on a brand’s reputation, and to what extent brands and retailers could be suffering from negative connotations of littering.

After seeing a product littered, some 76 per cent of respondents admitted a negative perception was passed down directly onto the brand, regardless of where it was seen.

Meanwhile, over a third claimed they would be deterred from buying a brand altogether if they had seen it littered on the street.

After calculating the overall sales hit, the study claimed branded litter could even represent a two per cent drop in a company’s turnover.

The findings also uncovered the subconscious effect of litter visible outside high street businesses, putting retailers at risk. Over half of respondents believed that items sold from a shop with litter outside would be of a poorer quality? than a litter-free equivalent.

Michelle Gardener, founder of Faraway Furniture, articulated the impact of litter on her high street business.

littering was a big problem when we were selling furniture on a high street, ” she said. “Our goods often carry a high price tag, but when the pavement outside is littered with cigarette butts and discarded rubbish, consumers will have a bad impression of your brand and assume it is of low quality.

Convenience’store owner Kamal Shah also experienced a negative response from high street littering.



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