Business development · 9 May 2022

What Does the Optimal Sales Tech Stack Look Like for Growing Businesses?

Having an appropriate sales tech stack can be the key to optimising business revenue if the most effective tools are chosen. If sales representatives are to optimise their selling time, having an intelligent sales tech stack at their disposal is vital to maximising efficiency. For sales leaders, investment in these tools is no longer optional, it is imperative to avoid being left behind by other more tech-enabled sales teams. 

There are many tools at the disposal of sales teams which makes selecting the correct ones difficult. Sales leaders need to look at whether tools are specifically necessary for their teams, which can be done by evaluating the teams’ strengths and weaknesses in the sales cycle. Frustratingly, too many businesses spend money on unnecessary and inappropriate tools for sales teams, which can often overcomplicate the sales process. 

Whilst sales tools and tech systems are certainly not one size fits all, there are some essential choices for all teams. 

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Having a CRM in place should be the starting point for all sales teams looking to improve their sales process. The right CRM will not only track relationships with clients but will also track potential prospects, streamline communications, and automate outreach. Automating aspects of the sales pipeline will speed up the process and remove the possibility of human error, whilst freeing up sales representatives’ time to focus on more pressing issues. 

Many CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce continually upgrade their product offerings by adding individual features which can often be associated with high costs if purchased as independent software. Whilst this can mean frequent training on new features, having access to these features within one platform will significantly improve productivity. It may seem like the best option to purchase the lowest costing CRM, however, investing in a more robust system will be more cost-effective in the long term in the form of productivity and ancillary features

Conversation intelligence

A conversation intelligence tool like Chorus can provide a boost for sales teams of all sizes. The software allows representatives and managers to record conversations to listen back and improve selling techniques through conversation analysis. This is particularly valuable from a training perspective, as representatives and managers can use recordings to learn from any mistakes and advance techniques.



CEO of SalesWorks