Business development · 7 February 2022

What Can We Learn From Kim Kardashian’s Ultimate Rebrand?

kim kardashian

From reality TV drama queen to slick business owner and human rights lawyer in the making, Kim Kardashian has remodelled her public image so successfully that we sometimes forget her roots and how she shot to fame in the first place.

Whether for your personal brand or for your business, here’s five lessons we can take from Kim Kardashian’s rebrand.

Pick your moment carefully

A lesson we’ve learned from Facebook’s flop rebrand to Meta; pick the moment to launch your rebrand very carefully. If you can, try to avoid rebranding during a public scandal or to escape widespread criticism. While we are learning from her, you aren’t Kim Kardashian; public scandals and bad press will not benefit you the way they have benefitted her. Kim K has always managed to spin a bad story in her favour but this tactic most likely won’t work for you. Kim Kardashian made the changes to her public persona gradually and she always tied the updates to the idea of personal growth.

Show that your rebrand is about growth, not abandoning a reputation

Kim Kardashian doesn’t make any attempts to deny her past, but she does not allow people to focus on those moments. Acknowledge your history, then refocus attention to where you are now and where you are going, rather than where you’ve been. Be honest about why you are adopting a new logo, style, brand message, or even a new industry. Focus on how the changes reflect your brand’s new mission, how you have developed new values to reflect and better connect with your audience/market. You need to be absolutely certain that your rebrand is the right move for you or your business and that it showcases how you have matured since you first launched your branding. No one wants to see a person or a business regressing, so be certain that it is a step forward.

Represent your values and your cause

Kim Kardashian’s journey to becoming a fully qualified lawyer is far from over but she is already making an impact. Working closely with human rights layer Jessica Jackson Sloan, Kim Kardashian has started her mission to help secure appropriate justice for prisoners who may have been misrepresented or showcased positive rehabilitation. Not only that, her shapewear brand, SKIMS, advocates for body positivity and underwear that suits every body shape and size. What does your brand stand for? What is important to you and your audience? Sustainability, racial equality, mental health awareness, whatever cause you want to support, let it shine through your marketing.



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